Alliteration 01
'Look at the pretty pink petals' is an example of the use of alliteration.

Alliteration 01

Alliteration is when two or more words start with the same letter or sound. An example would be "crawling caterpillars". Tongue twisters are often good examples of this way of writing - try saying "Fred's friends fried Fritos for Friday's food"! The technique can be used in writing and speech to interest your audience, or to bring some humour to your sentences.

Alliteration can also be used to create certain effects: sounds such as "c/k", "d" or "g" produce harsh effects, while everyone knows that sibilance, caused by repeated "s" or "z" sounds, creates a rather different, somewhat sinister, effect. You should be aware that alliteration can also occur at the beginnings of stressed syllables, too. So a phrase such as "nobody nodded unknowingly" alliterates on the "n" sound, including the -kn- of "unknowingly".

See if you can find the alliteration in the following examples.

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  1. The ....... ....... are in the middle aisle next to the vegetables.
    Two "f" sounds form the alliteration here: "frozen fish"
  2. Are you hungry? Let's find a café for ....... ....... and .......
    The three "c" sounds of "cakes/coffee/cola" = alliteration
  3. The art gallery displayed hundreds of ....... ....... and .......
    Three "p" sounds form the alliteration here
  4. The sound of ....... ....... created a quiet, calm atmosphere.
    "Murmuring music" also alliterates on the internal m of "murmur"
  5. Many ....... and ....... ....... on the river.
    Use alliteration in writing to make phrases memorable
  6. A ....... ....... ....... took the friends to the party.
    The repeated "l" sound elongates the phrase to some extent, creating a lingering impression
  7. Mrs. Purple drove a ....... ....... .......
    The overuse of alliteration can be jarring. Use the technique selectively
  8. Peter piper picked a peck of ....... .......
    Alliteration makes words easy to remember!
  9. "What a ....... ....... " is a famous song.
    "Wonderful" and "world" both begin with "w", creating alliteration
  10. He folded the invitations and put each one in an ....... .......
    "E" sounds begin words and make the alliteration here. The alliteration of vowel sounds is also known as "assonance"

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