Alphabetical Sorting 02
A correct alphabetical sort is strong, stronger, strongest, strongly.

Alphabetical Sorting 02

Listing words in order of the alphabet is known as alphabetical sorting.

You know, of course, to look at the first letter of each word to decide the alphabetical order of a set of words. And you'll have had practice with looking at the second, third or even fourth letter, if necessary. What do you do when faced with a word or name slightly out of the ordinary? Do you alphabetise McKinley before Mackay, or after? An older convention of alphabetising decided that all names beginning with Mc and Mac should come before all other words beginning with M, but now such names are alphabetised in letter order, as usual (Mackay comes before McKinley, but "mackerel" would come between the two). And which comes first here: St Louis or Saint Nicholas? Abbreviations such as "St" are alphabetised as a full word, so St (Saint) Louis comes before Saint Nicholas.

Revise and remember the rules for alphabetical order! If you've done the first Alphabetical Sorting quiz, then try our second English quiz on the subject. You might find it a little more challenging.

Which word completes the following lists alphabetically?

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  1. Strong, stronger, strongest, .......
    "Strength" would come before "strong"
  2. Continuance, continue, continued, .......
    Look at the eighth letter of "continuing"
  3. Adapt, ....... , adaptation, adapted
    "Adaptable" completes the sequence
  4. Began, begin, ....... , begins
    Look at the sixth letter of "beginning"
  5. ....... , clearance, cleared, clearly
    "Clear" begins this sequence
  6. Close, ....... , closely, closer
    The fifth letter is the clue to the alphabetical sequence
  7. Writ, write, writer, ....... , written
    Only "writing" fits in this sequence
  8. ....... , advanced, advancement, advancing
    Working backwards gives "advance"
  9. Wash, ....... , washes, washing
    "Washed" fits the sequence
  10. Create, creative, ....... , creatures
    Use the fifth letter of "create/creative/creator/creatures"

Author: Sue Daish

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