Antonyms 01
Fast is an antonym of slow?

Antonyms 01

'Antonyms' are words which have opposite meanings. For example, 'fast' is an antonym of 'slow'. Synonyms have similar meanings, such as 'fast' and 'rapid'. To remember the difference, think of 'anti' for antonyms and you won't go far wrong!

It's a good idea to think about how words are related to each other. When you are writing, it can be helpful to find synonyms for some of the words you want to use. This can help to make your writing more interesting, especially if you tend to repeat certain favourite words. Knowing the antonyms for words can help you to structure your writing, so that you can introduce contrasts, such as this: "When Sophia arrived at the house for the party, she expected to find her grandmother in a cheery mood, but instead she seemed melancholy".

Find antonyms for the following words in our first English Antonyms quiz.

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  1. Few
    "Few" and "many" are antonyms
  2. Late
    "Tardy" means "late", making the words synonyms
  3. Awake
    Remember: antonyms have opposite meanings
  4. Shout
    "Shriek" and "scream" have similar meanings to "shout"
  5. Shut
    "Open" is an antonym for "shut"; the two words have opposite meanings
  6. Stale
    Remember: synonyms have similar meanings
  7. Long
    "Extended", "drawn out" and "protracted" are synonyms
  8. Bright
    "Sparkling", "shining" and "radiant" are synonyms
  9. Empty
    "Full" means the opposite of "empty"
  10. Cry
    The other three are synonyms for "cry"; synonyms have similar meanings

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