Antonyms 02
Can you think of an antonym for wet?

Antonyms 02

Antonyms are words that mean the opposite and learning about them is a good way to build your vocabulary. Try and use a variety of antonyms in your speaking and writing in order to make it more interesting for your audience.

Do you ever become bored with your own writing? And if you are bored, how can your audience help but be bored, too? This reaction is especially likely if you tend to use the same words over and over again, which happens with many of the most commonly used words. For instance, you have probably learned to substitute other synonyms for "said", "walked", "happy", and "sad". Choose carefully, however. Replacing a sentence such as "the old man leapt over the abandoned barbed-wire fence" with "the lithe, venerable gentleman capered over the razor-sharp, forsaken, barbed-wire barrier" would be a bit distracting!

Select an antonym for each of the following words in our second quiz on antonyms.

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  1. Wane
    A moon "waxes" full then "wanes" to a thin crescent
  2. Wisdom
    "'Folly" is often given as wisdom's opposite
  3. Whole
    "Partial" means "incomplete" or "fragmentary"
  4. Young
    A "fledgling" is a baby bird; the word can be used figuratively as a synonym for "young"
  5. Yield
    The verb "to yield" means "to surrender"
  6. Worn
    "Old", "used" and "worn-out"' are synonyms
  7. Worsen
    "Improve" is the opposite of "worsen"
  8. Win
    "Win" and "lose" are opposites, therefore antonyms
  9. Yell
    "Shout", "shriek" and "screech" are all loud utterances, like "yell"
  10. Worker
    An "idler" doesn't work but "idles" away (wastes) time

Author: Sue Daish

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