Antonyms 04
What is an antonym of tedious?

Antonyms 04

An antonym is a word that means something completely different to another word. Have you ever noticed when you look at a group of synonyms that the words don't share the exact same meaning? Each word is used in a slightly different way because synonyms are words with similar meanings, rather than being identical. In the same way, an antonym might not be the exact opposite for each word in a group of synonyms; they can also vary in strength. If you think of various synonyms for "cold", such as "chilly", "cool", "freezing" and "frigid", which would you choose as an antonym for "scorching"? They might all be the opposites of "hot", but "freezing" is the antonym closest in degree to "scorching". Remember to consider the subtle shade of meaning expressed in each word you use.

Is it possible to ever know too many words? Here is our fourth English quiz about antonyms. If you don't know what antonyms are by now, you might want to go back and do the first three quizzes again to refresh your memory.

Find antonyms for the following words.

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  1. Tremorous
    More antonyms of "tremorous" include "stable" and "firm"
  2. Result
    Try and use a variety of these words in your writing!
  3. Urgent
    Other antonyms of "urgent" include "unimportant" and "not serious"
  4. Vanish
    More antonyms of "vanish" include "turn up" and "show up"
  5. Taut
    These are also antonyms of "taut": "loose" and "relaxed"
  6. Tedious
    "Enthralling" and "inspiring" are also antonyms of "tedious"
  7. Vertical
    "Vertical" is "upright", while "horizontal" goes "across"
  8. Sympathetic
    Some antonyms can be formed by adding the prefixes -un or -in
  9. Immune
    More antonyms of "immune" include "prone to" and "predisposed"
  10. Shun
    More antonyms of "shun" include "seek" and "welcome"

Author: Sue Daish

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