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Apostrophes (Revision) 01
The girls and boys. In this case no apostrophes are needed. (Photo courtesy of epSos.de at Flickr.)

Apostrophes (Revision) 01

Apostrophes are used for omission or possession. An example of omission is I'm - which is an abbreviation of I am. An example of possession is Sarah's car - the car belongs to Sarah, therefore an apostrophe is required.

Here are some revision questions to help you to learn and practise using apostrophes!
Select the correct answer for each of the following sentences.
  1. The breakfasts belonging to the men.
    If plural (men) doesn't end '-s', add 'apostrophe+s'
  2. The cards belonging to the children.
    If plural (children) doesn't end '-s', add 'apostrophe+s'
  3. The music belonging to Thomas.
    With names ending in '-s' add an apostrophe only
  4. The book belonging to James.
    With names ending in '-s' add an apostrophe only
  5. The rucksacks belonging to the girls.
    Rucksacks belonging to more than one girl, so girls'
  6. The rucksack belonging to the girl.
    Rucksack belonging to one girl, so girl's
  7. The rays belonging to the sun (= it).
    Remember: its = belonging to it; it's = it is
  8. The sadness belonging to Shanya should not .......
    Emotions, people and actions 'belong' too!
  9. The anger of Father would not .......
    Remember: put the apostrophe where a letter is omitted
  10. The paws belonging to the dogs did not .......
    More than one dog so dogs'

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