Homophones 01
Items such as pens and paper are often known as stationery. The word stationary (standing still) is pronounced the same way but spelled differently.

Homophones 01

'Right' and 'Write' have the same pronunciation but mean different things - these are known as homophones. There are more homophones in the English language than you can shake a stick at!

Try our first quiz on words that are often confused with each other.

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  1. Which word means 'to complete'?
    The word 'Compliment' means to give praise
  2. Which word means 'to remain still'?
    The word 'Stationery' means pencils and paper etc.
  3. Which word means 'chimney'?
  4. Which word means 'not to insist upon'?
  5. Which word means 'from one end to the other'?
  6. Which word means 'the main one'?
    The word 'Principle' means a rule
  7. Which word means 'to avenge'?
  8. Which word means 'belonging to them'?
  9. Which word asks for directions?
    The word 'Ware' means an item for sale
  10. Which word means 'a courageous deed'?

Author: Sue Daish

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