Homophones 02
This plant is known as maize - not maze!

Homophones 02

Words that sound similar are called homophones. 'Bare' and 'Bear' sound exactly the same when spoken, however they mean very different things. Homophones are handy when it comes to creative writing.

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  1. Which one helps you climb over a fence?
  2. Which one gives directions?
    'Martial' means military or warlike
  3. Which one means 'to carry out'?
  4. Which one is a measuring machine?
    A 'Metre' is a measurement whilst a 'Mitre' is a bishop's hat
  5. Which one is an expression of distance?
  6. Which one has items for sale?
    'Basalt' is a rock whilst 'Bascule' is a type of bridge
  7. Which word means 'sorrowing'?
  8. Which one is a cereal?
  9. Which one is a bird?
    A 'Marten' is a type of weasel
  10. Which one follows 'third'?

Author: Sue Daish

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