Idioms 01
If you hear someone talking about 'the bee's knees' they might be talking about the knees of a bee but it is much more likely they mean that something is the best of its kind!

Idioms 01

An idiom is an expression with a different meaning than its literal one, e.g. if something is hard to find you may say it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Idioms make English more interesting and help you understand the meaning of the words.

Put your best foot forward and have a go at this quiz all about idioms!

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  1. Which one means 'very bored'?
  2. Which phrase means 'just'?
    I scored 45, passing the exam by the skin of my teeth
  3. Which idiom means 'an unsuccessful search'?
    Literally you would run after a goose!
  4. Which expression means 'you need to do better'?
    Use some idioms to vary expression in your writing
  5. Which one means 'to cause disagreement'?
  6. Which one means 'unlikely to happen'?
    Idiom picture is pigs with wings - but what does it mean?
  7. Which expression means 'doesn't fit in'?
  8. Which one means 'to become angry'?
    Like a bull charging at a red cloth perhaps
  9. Which idiom means 'to be the best'?
    An idiom creates a picture with no clue to its meaning
  10. Which one exaggerates a problem?

Author: Sue Daish

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