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Punctuation (Avoiding Comma Splicing) 01
'Chess takes ages to finish because it is very difficult' is a good use of English. Don't be tempted to write 'Chess takes ages to finish, it is very difficult' because this is known as comma splicing.

Punctuation (Avoiding Comma Splicing) 01

Do not use 'comma splices' to link two sentences. Use a connective (conjunction) or a semi-colon, e.g. 'The school is big and it has two halls', not 'The school is big, it has two halls' - this is not good English!

Play this quiz to see how well you understand comma splicing.

This quiz is VERY hard because sometimes just one letter is wrong. Make sure you look at every letter to see if it is a capital!

Connect the following sentences.
  1. The tent is large. Four people can sleep in it.
    1 - You can connect two sentences with 'and'/'but'/'or' etc.
  2. I have lost my book. My name is on the front of it.
    4 - Use a semicolon to join simple sentences successfully.
  3. The bag is blue. It has a pocket for my wallet.
    1 - First letter of second sentence becomes lower case.
  4. I can't use that printer. The ink has dried out.
    2 - 'Because' joins the two sentences well here.
  5. Their garden is large. It even has a tennis court.
    4 - You can use 'and' but 'it' must be lower case if so!
  6. The house is huge. It has three floors.
    3 - You can use 'and' but 'it' must be lower case if so!
  7. This ball is suitable for basketball. It bounces well.
    3 - First letter of second sentence becomes lower case.
  8. The mirror is lovely. It is a special offer.
    4 - You can use 'and' but 'it' must be lower case if so!
  9. My brother is the eldest of us. He is twenty years old.
    4 -
  10. The game takes ages to finish. It is very difficult.
    2 - 'It' becomes lower case when joined as one sentence.

Author: Sue Daish

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