Rhyme 01
"Never smile at a crocodile" is an example of rhyme and probably very good advice!

Rhyme 01

Words with the same sound, such as sound, round and pound, all rhyme. You may already be familiar with rhymes if you were taught nursery rhymes at a young age. Use rhyming words when writing English to interest your readers; this is a device often used in advertisements and songs e.g. 'See you later alligator .......'

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  1. Find a rhyme for 'battle' .......
    Advertising companies use rhyme to attract customers
  2. Find a rhyme for 'smile' .......
    'Beware of the crocodile, even if you see him smile'
  3. Find a rhyme for 'drink' .......
    More rhymes: 'blink'/'think'/'wink'/'clink'/'mink'
  4. Find a rhyme for 'box' .......
    Rhymes are used in songs and poems
  5. Find a rhyme for 'crunchy' .......
    'Crunchy munchy crisps' has rhyme and alliteration
  6. Find a rhyme for 'sky' .......
    Mnemonics: rhymes used to help us remember facts!
  7. Find a rhyme for 'house' .......
    Use rhymes in your writing to attract your audience!
  8. Find a rhyme for 'book' .......
    Say the list out loud to find the rhyming word
  9. Find a rhyme for 'sheep' .......
    More rhymes: 'beep'/'keep'/'reap'/'weep'/'creep'
  10. Find a rhyme for 'fire' .......
    These words look similar but sound different

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