Spelling (Singular and Plural Nouns) 01
Some nouns are exactly the same in their plural form as they are in their singular form. One sheep, two sheep, three sheep...

Spelling (Singular and Plural Nouns) 01

When spelling the plural of a singular noun, it's normally a case of simply adding s to the word. However, not always! Some nouns use the same spelling for both singular and plural, e.g. one trout, ten trout.

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  1. One species of animal but thousands of .......
    Use the same spelling for any number of 'species'
  2. One army barracks (accommodation) but five .......
    Same spelling is used for one or for many 'barracks'
  3. One fish swimming in the river but seven .......
    'Fishes' is also acceptable as a plural form of 'fish'
  4. One sheep but two .......
    Use 'sheep' for any amount of sheep
  5. One headquarters but nine .......
    Same spelling used for any amount of 'headquarters'
  6. One deer but many .......
    'Deer' is singular / plural. Don't confuse with 'dear'
  7. A herd of swine (= pigs) but one .......
    Use 'swine' for one or lots of pigs
  8. One cod but a shoal of .......
    Ten thousand 'cod' - same for singular and plural use
  9. One series of 'Dr. Who' but three .......
    Use 'series' for any amount of them!
  10. One red-nosed reindeer but six .......
    Any number of 'reindeer': the spelling stays the same

Author: Sue Daish

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