Vocabulary Building (Persuasive Words) 01
A salesman might say to you "This is a superior pair of shoes". The word "superior" is a persuasive word that he hopes will persuade you to buy!

Vocabulary Building (Persuasive Words) 01

Persuasive vocabulary such as 'highly recommended by' can be used to influence responses. Persuasive words and phrases are usually positive in tone and often superlative, e.g. 'the most effective'.

Try this quiz on vocabulary building using persuasive words.

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  1. Which word might dissuade customers?
    The others are positive and could be used to persuade
  2. Which word might convince readers?
    'Proven' means tried and tested
  3. Which word persuades the reader about reliability?
    'Trustworthy' = reliable
  4. Which result is most likely to be accepted?
    'Most accurate' = superlative
  5. Which candidate is likely to win?
  6. Which term might persuade customers to buy a product?
    'Unconfirmed'/'unverified'/'unguaranteed' are all negatives!
  7. Which word is persuasive in tone?
    'Effective' can be used positively and persuasively
  8. Which evidence might be used?
    'Reliable' = you can depend upon it
  9. Which word has a positive tone?
    The others are negative!
  10. Which word might be used to persuade?
    Customers would not buy an 'inferior' product!

Author: Sue Daish

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