Writing Directions 01
"The filling station is two miles ahead, on the right hand side, immediately after the supermarket." This is an example of giving clear directions.

Writing Directions 01

English writing and speaking to inform: at your local station you are asked to give a set of directions to the hospital (three miles away) to visitors on foot. They ask the following questions; answer them to create your sequenced instruction list.

See if you can help the visitors to find the hospital by playing this quiz.

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  1. Where are we exactly?
  2. How far away are we from the hospital?
    We are three miles away from the hospital
  3. How long will it take us to reach the hospital on foot?
  4. Visiting time ends in two hours. Can we catch a bus?
    Number 10 goes every 5 minutes from the main road
  5. Does it go right to the hospital please?
  6. When we get off the bus how do we find the hospital?
  7. Will we be able to see the hospital from there?
    You need to walk to the end of the road and turn right
  8. And then?
  9. Will the buses still be running after visiting hours?
  10. Thank you for your clear directions!

Author: Sue Daish

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