Case Study Australia 02
Test yourself on your knowledge of Australia.

Case Study Australia 02

This KS3 Geography quiz takes a further look at Australia. A prosperous developed country, Australia ranks highly in many international comparisons of national performance such as human development, quality of life, health care and life expectancy. It is rich in minerals which are mined and transported on a huge scale. Agricultural products are also exported, including wool, meat and wine.

Most of the population lives in coastal towns and cities. The only inland city is Canberra. The nothernmost part of Australia is tropical rainforest and swamps. The centre of Australia is desert but there are some towns. You may have heard of Alice Springs, which is a town near the large rock formation known as Uluru. Another interesting town is Coober Pedy. This is populated by people mining the gemstone called opal and most houses are built underground to escape the heat of the desert.

  1. Which breed of sheep produces the country's high-quality wool?
    Merino sheep were native to Spain but they were domesticated in Australia
  2. By what means did Aborigines traditionally survive?
    Before humans learned how to farm, they obtained their food by hunting it or gathering it from trees and other plants. Some indigenous people, for example, those in Australia, did not develop farming because hunting and gathering provided for all of their needs
  3. The interior of Australia has what name?
    This region has a very low population
  4. Which of these is not a major Australian river?
    The Murray is the longest river in Australia
  5. Sydney created many jobs for what event of 2000?
    Team GB won 11 gold medals at the Sydney Olympic Games
  6. What is the capital of Australia?
    Melbourne was the capital until 1927
  7. What is the common name for the landform Uluru?
    To the Aboriginal people, it is a sacred place
  8. Which was the first place settled by the British?
    It was called Sydney in recognition of a British politician who was involved in setting up the first colony there
  9. Which state of Australia is a small island?
    The capital of Tasmania is Hobart
  10. The outback town of Coober Pedy is important for mining which gemstones?
    Some scenes of the film 'Mad Max 3' were shot in and near to Coober Pedy

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