Case Study Italy (Comparing North and South) 01
See how much you know about Italy in this enjoyable quiz.

Case Study Italy (Comparing North and South) 01

This KS3 Geography quiz will question you on Italy, specifically comparing the north and south. The larger portion of northern Italy is occupied by the basin of the Po river, which comprises the whole of the broad plain extending from the foot of the Apennines to that of the Alps. The area of Italy, roughly marked by the cities of Milan, Turin and the seaport Genoa, was the first part of the country to become industrialised. By the start of this century, the main industrial area has become focussed further to the east, but still in the Po basin.

On the other hand, southern Italy has a much less developed economy, which is mainly based on agriculture and tourism. The soils are thin and poor and mainly owned by rich people who live in the cities. At the time that northern Italy was starting to develop its industry, the southern part of Italy was in an economic crisis. Many Italian families chose to emigrate to the Americas. This is the reason that in places like New York, there are large numbers of people with Italian backgrounds.

  1. The south has traditionally had what type of land use?
    They cope best with the steep, bare slopes
  2. Which city is not part of northern Italy's 'Industrial Triangle'?
    It is a lot further south
  3. When the south 'closes down' during the afternoon heat it is called what?
    Italy is not the only country to have a siesta
  4. What is the main industry in the city of Turin?
    Turin is the home of Fiat cars
  5. Which fact is true of northern Italy but not the south?
    The Mafia run organised crime in the south
  6. When describing the traditional south of Italy, which of these is false?
    The soils are thin between bare rock outcrops
  7. Which northern city is a major coastal port?
    Genoa is associated with the famous explorers Christopher Columbus and John Cabot
  8. Where do most of the south's wealthy landowners live?
    They rent out their land to farmers
  9. Traditionally found in the south, what are Latifundi?
    This is why few farmers have owned their own land
  10. What are autostradas that help industry in the north?
    The wealthy north Italian markets are linked by them

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