Case Study Japan (Industry) 01
Find out how much you know about Japan in this quiz.

Case Study Japan (Industry) 01

Japan has a very strong economy and is usually ranked amongst the top five in the world. Most people associate electronic goods with industry in Japan, but they have many heavy industries too, including shipbuilding and car manufacture. The Japanese electronics industry has provided the world with portable music devices and affordable home computers to name just two items. You probably also associate robots with Japan. They first developed robots to improve their car building industry and are working now on humanoid robots - robots that look and behave like humans.

Japan doesn't have a great deal of natural resources, so its industry is based on importing them and exporting manufactured goods. The interior of Japan is mainly mountains, so the population and industry tends to be in the narrow coastal strip. Quite often, when a new industrial area is required, they build the land out into the sea. Agriculture is based on fisheries and rice, with tea plantations in the mountains.

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  1. Why has Japan invested heavily in new industrial technology?
    New technology greatly speeds up production
  2. About what percentage of Japan's total energy supplies are imported?
    Fossil fuels still provide most of the energy needs in Japan
  3. Which of these Japanese industries is not 'heavy'?
    Many items that you have around your home will have been either made in Japan or by a Japanese company
  4. What are commonly seen on Japanese assembly lines?
    These carry out repetitive tasks all day long without getting tired or being bored
  5. Japan has become the world leader in what type of technology?
    e.g. cameras, TVs, phones
  6. Which statement is false about coal in Japan?
    The only coal left in Japan is very deep underground
  7. Japan imports uranium - where is it used?
    After the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, which damaged a nuclear power station, all of the country's nuclear power stations were shut down. They will gradually be restarted after extensive safety checks
  8. Where in Japan is most present day industry located?
    The largest ports and centres of population are there
  9. When new industrial land is needed, how is it created?
    Reclamation may also be used to create farmland
  10. In many Japanese workplaces the day begins with what?
    Often the company anthem will be chanted as well!

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