KS3 Geography Quiz
Case Study Japan (Industry) 02
Industrial growth in Japan began with making steel to build ships like these.

Case Study Japan (Industry) 02

Japan is one of the largest producers of cars in the world. Japan has a large industrial capacity and is home to some of the largest, leading and most technologically advanced producers of motor vehicles, electronic equipment and machine tools.

Have a go at our second Geography quiz on the Industry of Japan.
  1. What is the least important location factor for Japanese industry?
    Energy is least important as a lot is imported
  2. Which problem has not been caused by industry?
  3. Traditionally, Japan has imported most oil from where?
    e.g. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
  4. The Kurobe River is home to a major scheme for what?
    The river is fast flowing in a mountainous region
  5. In Japan there is growing opposition to what?
    It can be a dangerous form of power
  6. Which is not a reason for building nuclear power stations on the coast?
  7. Which is Japan's most important trading partner?
  8. Japan's industrial growth began with the making of what?
    Steel was used to build ships to import raw materials
  9. Why does Japan have a trade surplus?
  10. How can Japan's farming best be described?
    No land is wasted as there is very little flat land

Author: Jan Crompton

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