Comparing Rich and Poor 01
GDP is given in U.S. Dollars.

Comparing Rich and Poor 01

This KS3 Geography quiz is about comparing rich and poor. GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product and is used to compare the wealth of different countries. The richer countries can afford better facilities like schools, hospitals and proper roads. In the world's poorest countries, most of the roads are just dirt tracks and few people outside of the big cities have any access to education or regular health care. In order to be able to directly compare the GDP of different countries, it is given in United States Dollars instead of the country's own currency.

Poor countries are often described as LEDCs. This stands for Less Economically Developed Countries. The majority of LEDCs are in tropical areas, which includes sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). GDP isn't the only way of comparing the rich countries to the poor countries. The Human Development Index (HDI) is also used. As well as taking into account the number of people per doctor and access to education, it looks also at literacy rates and life expectancy. LEDCs usually have an economy based on agriculture, with many of the poorest people being subsistence farmers whose families have to survive on a low calorie diet.

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  1. GDP can show a country's wealth. What does it mean?
    The formula for working it out is very complicated but, put simply, you can think of it as being the total value of goods produced, divided by population
  2. GDP is always given in what currency?
    Currency exchange rates change from minute to minute - if every country's GDP is worked out in the same currency, it means that they can be compared directly
  3. Many poor countries are in which climate zone?
    Richer countries tend to be in temperate areas with milder temperatures
  4. Which is not an indicator of health in a poor country?
    People in the richest countries can afford to buy more food, so their calorie intake is higher than for people in poorer countries
  5. Which letters are used to describe a poorer country?
    Less Economically Developed Country
  6. Which continent has the greatest number of LEDCs?
    It is difficult to develop an industrial economy in large areas of Africa
  7. What does the 'N' stand for in GNP?
    Gross National Product - it is GDP plus any money earned from abroad
  8. LEDCs are sometimes called what?
    The 'First World' countries are the world's richest nations
  9. Which is not a good reason for GDP being measured in U.S. Dollars?
    The rate of exchange between ALL currencies is constantly changing
  10. Some of the poorest countries are in SSA, which means what?
    Life in this part of the world is extremely tough

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