Development 02
See how much you know about development in this quiz.

Development 02

This KS3 Geography quiz looks at development. A poor country is known as a Less Economically Developed Country, or LEDC for short. They usually have an economy that is based on farming. In order to develop the economy, an LEDC needs to industrialise. The reason for that is because manufactured goods can be exported and sold for more money than agricultural produce. Countries that have very few natural resources can find it more difficult to develop. MEDCs (the richest countries) donate money to help with the development of LEDCs.

Regional development is the provision of aid and other assistance to regions which are less economically developed. Regional development may be domestic or international in nature. Many MEDCs pay money into an organisation called the World Bank. This organisation then pays that money to LEDCs in order to help them with projects that will develop their economy. But that doesn't always work for all the people in an LEDC. Some become trapped in a poverty cycle when they have their land taken from them for industrial or intensive agriculture.

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  1. Work such as making pottery and selling it in the street is called what?
    Informal employment is common in LEDCs
  2. When poor people become poorer they are said to be trapped in a poverty what?
    They are trapped because they need money to help them to improve their lives. If they can't get jobs or if they can't buy tools and materials to grow or make things to sell, they are stuck in poverty. There are even people in the UK caught in a poverty cycle, it is not just a problem limited to LEDCs
  3. LEDCs mainly rely on what type of industry?
    Natural resources are usually sold for low prices
  4. What is the best definition of a civil war?
    Money for development may be wasted in the war
  5. Goods sold to other countries are called what?
    Exports are important to a country as they bring money into the country from other countries
  6. Which of these would be an obstacle to development?
    Raw materials can be extracted and used to increase wealth
  7. Which organisation often lends money to LEDCs?
    It receives donations from rich countries which can then be shared out to poor countries
  8. What means 'the difference between the value of imports and the value of exports'?
    A positive balance of trade means that a country earns more from its exports than it spends on its imports
  9. A poor country owned by a richer one is called what?
    Colonies were common in the past - rich countries stripped many of them of their wealth
  10. Why do many UK banks use call centres in India?
    This increases the profits of companies who do this

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