Europe - Physical Geography 01
Which river does Paris stand on?

Europe - Physical Geography 01

This KS3 quiz looks at the physical geography of Europe. Europe is the sixth largest of the continents. It has an area of about ten million square kilometres. It contains several mountain ranges including the Alps, Pyrenees and the Urals. The Ural Mountains, the Ural River and the Caucasus Mountains are generally regarded as marking the boundary between Europe and Asia. About one fifth of Europe is classed as mountainous. The highest mountain in Europe is Elbrus, which is also a dormant volcano.

The countries of Eastern Europe and Northern Europe are mainly low lying plains. The East European Plain is the largest landscape feature on the continent, even bigger than the Alps. The longest rivers are in Eastern Europe - the Volga, the Danube and the Ural are all more than 1,500 km in length.

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The climate is incredibly varied. Parts of Europe are north of the Arctic circle whilst the southernmost parts lie on the Mediterranean sea. Western Europe has a maritime climate and is generally milder and wetter in the winter than the plains of Eastern Europe, which have a continental climate with very cold and snowy winters plus hot, dry summers.

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  1. Which country would you visit to see fjords?
    A long, deep sea inlet - a submerged glaciated valley
  2. The Massif Central is a mountain range in which country?
    It is the remains of an older mountain range and had active volcanoes until about 6,000 years ago. Technically, these volcanoes are dormant but it is not expected that they will ever erupt again
  3. Which city does not lie on the River Danube?
    Stockholm is built on fourteen islands where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea
  4. The highest mountain in the Alps has what name?
    It is the third highest mountain in Europe
  5. Which are the highest mountains in Europe?
    Even though the highest point of Europe is not in the Alps, overall they have the greatest average height
  6. Europe is best described by which word?
    A peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides
  7. Europe is separated from North Africa by which sea?
    The Mediterranean Sea is classed as being non-tidal. There are actually tides in the Mediterranean Sea, but the difference between high and low tide is so small in most areas that people don't notice
  8. Paris stands on which river?
    The River Seine is officially 777 km long
  9. Norway, Sweden and Finland are part of which region?
    Scandanavia is a peninsula
  10. The Pyrenees are mountains separating which two countries?
    The republic of Andorra lies within the Pyrenees

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