Geography Skills 01
Latitude lines on an atlas map run from east to west.

Geography Skills 01

This KS3 quiz will test you on geography skills. Geography is the subject that deals with the study of the Earth and its lands, features, inhabitants and phenomena. A literal translation would be 'to describe or write about the Earth'. The word geography comes from the Greek language - geo meaning Earth and graphia meaning description. When studying geography, a good working knowledge of maps is essential. But that's not all - charts, tables and diagrams are also important because geography involves a lot of statistics.

Many maps have a grid system of lines. These show the latitude and longitude and can be used to be very specific about the location of a geographical feature. There are plenty of other different kinds of map. Some, like the Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain, can be used for navigation. A choropleth map would not be used for navigation, it is designed to show how something varies across a region e.g. population density or income per capita. Areas are shaded in proportion to the measurement of the data being shown.

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  1. What sort of map uses colour shading?
    Useful for showing data for different areas
  2. A map often includes an arrow pointing where?
    On O.S. maps, north is at the top
  3. To give a 6 figure grid reference we imagine the map square is divided into what fraction?
    With experience, a 6 figure grid reference can pinpoint something to within a few metres of its actual position
  4. A line from east-west on an atlas map is a line of what?
    The British Isles cover approximately 10 degrees of latitude
  5. Which graph would not be used to show data that adds up to 100%?
    It is important to choose the correct type of graph otherwise the data will not be displayed correctly
  6. A line on a scatter graph showing the general relationship is called what?
    It does not have to go through all points on the graph
  7. On an O.S. map, contour lines are what colour?
    They show the height above mean sea level
  8. Which graph is best for showing continuous data?
    Continuous data has no clear-cut breaks between the values e.g. temperature figures
  9. Which of these sets of ranges is best for a choropleth map key?
    Ranges of equal size that do not overlap
  10. What does 'O.S.' stand for in O.S. maps?
    It's a Government department providing maps of Britain

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