International Aid 01
What do you know about international aid?

International Aid 01

This KS3 Geography quiz looks at international aid. In simple terms, international aid involves helping other countries. International aid is a voluntary transfer of resources from one country to another, given at least partly with the objective of benefitting the recipient country. Sometimes aid is given with certain conditions attached, for example one country will give money to another to build factories but in return, the country receiving the aid must buy the raw materials from the country giving the aid.

There are different forms of aid. Some aid is given in the form of money which can then be spent on projects like building dams to generate hydroelectric power or roads and bridges. Other aid is given in the form of materials and manpower e.g. aid sent to a country after an earthquake. Aid doesn't always come from governments, there are many charities that give aid to LEDCs. These charities usually provide a combination of volunteers and money for local projects that directly benefit a specific community.

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  1. Charities not connected to governments are called what?
    Non-Governmental Organisations
  2. What is another name for short-term aid?
    It's used to solve immediate problems e.g. after a natural disaster
  3. The IMF gives aid and is the International what?
    The IMF is an agency of the United Nations
  4. Simple technology that matches people's skills is called what?
    Intermediate technology involves basic tools, machines and systems that can be easily constructed, used and repaired locally in disadvantaged areas
  5. Which of these is intermediate technology?
    Simple to build, easy to repair
  6. Which aid is only given if a country agrees to make certain changes?
    This is a criticism of bilateral aid as it is often conditional
  7. Aid given by an international organisation rather than by an individual country has what name?
    The money and resources donated by multilateral aid will have originally come from several different countries and added to a 'pool' of money and materials
  8. Which statement is false?
    Unfortunately, the most needy people do not always benefit from international aid unless it comes from a charity. Charities tend to work more locally with the intention of improving the lives of people who need help the most
  9. The organisation Jubilee 2000 encourages governments to cancel what?
    Some won't cancel because of money made on interest from loans
  10. Aid from one country directly to another is called what?
    A criticism of bilateral aid is that it sometimes is given through political motivation and may therefore not really benefit the recipient country in the long term

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