River Landscapes 01
What do you know about river landscapes?

River Landscapes 01

Try this KS3 Geography quiz all about river landscapes. Rivers are the links in the water cycle that return water from the atmosphere to the seas. They begin in upland areas and flow downhill, affecting the landscape around them. In the upland areas, a river valley has a V-shape. The course of the river is affected by the rocks over which it flows. Outcrops of harder rocks in the form of spurs in the valley cause it to constantly change direction. The river is fast flowing and erodes the landscape, moving material from the uplands to the lowlands and all the way to the sea.

In some places, the courses of two rivers meet making a larger river. This is called a confluence and the two rivers are called tributaries. Some of the largest of the world's rivers have thousands of tributaries. In the lowlands, the flow is much slower and so the river meanders through the landcscape. On the outside of one of these meanders (bends) the flow of water is faster and the river bank is eroded. On the inside of a meander, where the flow is slower, deposition takes place.

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  1. What is a smaller river that flows into a larger one?
    Some tributaries can be quite large rivers themselves e.g. the River Dove which flows into the River Trent at Newton Solney
  2. How is a river valley best described in the uplands?
    Because the river is cutting downwards in a 'V'
  3. The point where a tributary joins a river is called what?
    Confluences can be quite spectacular - try an internet search for 'amazing river confluences' some time and you will see what we mean!
  4. Which of the following is most likely to be found in the highest part of a river valley?
    The source is where a river starts
  5. What is the ideal situation for a waterfall to form?
    Soft rock erodes faster and leaves a 'step' for the water to fall vertically
  6. A curve or bend in a river has what name?
    Meanders are found in the lowest sections of river valleys
  7. What are the sides of a river channel called?
    When a river floods, it is often described as having 'burst its banks'
  8. Where in a meander does the river flow fastest?
    The water here is deeper and if the bank is just soil, it will be continually eroded, collapsing little by little into the river
  9. A river leaves material behind through which process?
    It deposits material as it slows down and loses power
  10. Rivers wind around ridges known as what?
    They are best seen in the upper part of a valley

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