Transport 01
A build up of traffic is known as congestion.

Transport 01

This KS3 Geography quiz takes a look at transport. In any country, transport is essential. In the UK, which is an MEDC, we tend to take it for granted that we can get to any village, town or city without it being a major problem. Roads are surfaced with tarmac and most families have a car. There are bus services and rail services between major urban centres and there are taxis too. In an LEDC, it is a very different story. Only the main roads are surfaced, car ownership is a lot less and so it is much harder to get around. Having a poor transport infrastructure can make it difficult for an LEDC to develop its economy as transport of raw materials and manufactured goods is difficult, unreliable and expensive.

In the UK, we have several different classes of roads, each has their own symbol on an O.S. map. The first inter-urban motorway that was built was the M1.The first section opened in 1959 and during the 1960s and 1970s, it was extended to reach Leeds in the north and London in the south. Several sections have been widened more recently to try to reduce the traffic congestion.

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  1. The busiest and most important roads are known as what?
    They include motorways and 'A' roads
  2. What is reached directly by the M20 motorway?
    It also reaches the ferry port of Dover where you can catch a ferry to take you to France
  3. An RORO ferry means 'Roll on…' then what?
    Vehicles drive on one end and off the other
  4. Which word describes goods transported in bulk?
    A lot of freight in the UK is carried by road but some still goes by rail. Goods can be imported in bulk by airfreight or seafreight
  5. Some 'A' roads follow sections of what?
    Roman roads were built very straight to link their settlements in Britain
  6. London Orbital is another name for which motorway?
    It inspired Chris Rea's song 'The Road to Hell'!
  7. What word means too much traffic using the road at the same time?
    'Rush hour' traffic jams are common in cities as people travel to and from their places of work
  8. Opened in 2003, which was the UK's first toll motorway?
    All the other motorways in the UK (including most of the M6) are free to use
  9. Organising the movement of goods is called what?
    Originally a military word for moving troops/equipment
  10. Why was the M6 toll road built?
    Many people protested against the M6 toll road because it was being built on green belt land

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