Transport 02
Transporting goods by sea is often cheaper than by air, rail or road.

Transport 02

Here's our second KS3 Geography quiz all about transport. Did you know that there are approximately a quarter of a million miles of road in the UK? You'd think that was enough road for everyone and yet how many times have you been stuck in a traffic jam?! The motorway network was started in the 1950s and less than 50 years later, by the milennium, many sections of motorway were unable to cope with the volume of road traffic of the twenty-first century.

It isn't just cars that use the roads, a lot of freight is transported on lorries and in vans. The British railway network was developed during the Industrial Revolution to carry passengers and freight and it worked well. But unfortunately railways only linked major towns so industries and businesses that trade in towns where there is not a rail link need to use road transport. Also, when a freight train reaches its destination, the freight still needs to be unloaded and carried to the customer by road - few companies can afford to be linked to the railway network directly.

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  1. Thanks to easier and faster air travel, people say 'the world is what'?
    When passenger aircraft first flew, only wealthy people could afford to fly and it still took a long time. When jet airliners were developed, travelling around the world was transformed
  2. Which is the shortest ferry route across the English Channel?
    Dover to Calais is only about 21 miles or 33kms
  3. The M6 toll motorway is closest to which city?
    It was designed to reduce congestion on the free part of the M6 but many people believe that it has not helped
  4. Which of these is least likely to be transported by rail?
    Rail is best suited to bulky, heavy goods
  5. What word describes a road pattern like the spokes of a bicycle wheel?
    Roads radiate out from a hub or central point
  6. Which city is entirely encircled by the M60 motorway?
    Manchester is an important commercial centre and needs good transport links
  7. What is usually the cheapest way to transport goods around the world?
    Ships can carry a lot of freight and their engines are relatively economical. The main issue with seafreight is the time it takes as ships travel at only about 20-30mph
  8. What has happened to rail freight since the 1950s?
    Meanwhile, road freight has increased dramatically
  9. Standard sized metal boxes for transporting goods have what name?
    They can easily be transferred between different types of transport
  10. Which is not one of the three London airports?
    Prestwick is Glasgow's airport

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