The Cold War 02
Russia refused any part in which American aid programme?

The Cold War 02

See how much you know about the Cold War in this KS3 History quiz. Behind the 'Iron Curtain', Stalin's Soviet Union controlled Eastern Europe by various means - secret police, murders of political opponents and a one-party (Communist) state. A common punishment was to send political prisoners to work in the salt mines in Siberia. Conditions there were very harsh and many people sent there died.

The Soviets built up their stock of arms and had a huge army. This was a great worry to the western democracies. Most countries did not have sufficient soldiers or weapons to stand up to a Soviet invasion. This lead to the formation of NATO - the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The alliance guarantees that if one country is attacked, the others will all come together to help. The communist nations formed their own alliance called the Warsaw Pact. After the end of the Cold War, many of the former Eastern Bloc countries have now joined NATO. The first three of these were Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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  1. Russia refused any part in which American aid programme?
    It aimed to help European recovery after WW2
  2. What was set up in 1949 to protect the world from Communism?
    Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has become a peacekeeping force, particularly in Eastern Europe
  3. What does 'NA' stand for in NATO?
    North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  4. The USSR set up which rival organisation in 1955?
    Made up of all the Eastern European Communist countries
  5. NATO and the Warsaw Pact built more and better what?
    This became known as the 'arms race'
  6. For almost a year, from mid-1948, Russia blockaded which city?
    Road and rail links with the west were cut
  7. In 1952 the USA tested which bomb?
    A year later Russia developed its own H-bomb
  8. The Berlin Wall was built in which year?
    To stop East Germans leaving for the west - anyone trying to escape was shot
  9. Which Soviet leader ordered the Wall to be built?
    He took power in 1953 after Stalin's death
  10. Who visited Berlin and vowed to protect freedom?
    He said, "Ich bin ein Berliner" meaning "I am one with the people of Berlin"

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