The Cold War 04
The USA used B-52 bomber planes in Vietnam.

The Cold War 04

This KS3 History quiz takes a final look at the Cold War. Luckily for us, wars between the two superpowers were proxy wars. In other words, they were not fighting directly - they supported opposing sides in wars like the Korean war in 1950s, the Vietnam war, which began in 1965 and the Chinese civil war. The Vietnam war was particularly controversial. The communist rebels fought a geurrilla war. They hid themselves among the local population so it was difficult for the American forces to see who were soldiers and who were civilians. They bombed using napalm (a substance that is on fire and sticks to people and objects like buildings). They used a toxic chemical called Agent Orange which made the leaves fall off the trees in the jungle so they could see where the communists were hiding. There were many protests in the USA to end the Vietnam war.

During the 1980s, the Soviets realised that they would never win the Afghan war. Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the USSR. He opened talks with the USA to limit nuclear arms and started to reform the Soviet system, allowing greater human rights and business competition instead of state control.

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  1. What was North Vietnam's regular army called?
    It stood for People's Army of North Vietnam. You would think that the acronym would be PANV but it is actually PAVN
  2. In Vietnam the USA used which substance that burns skin?
    It was first used against buildings but later in the war, it was used directly on people
  3. The communist leader Ceaucescu was overthrown where in 1989?
    He and his wife were executed on Christmas Day
  4. In the 1980s, Russia was almost bankrupted by an invasion of which country?
    It led to USSR's military withdrawal from Eastern Europe
  5. In 1989 free elections in Poland were won by which trade union?
    The union was led by Lech Walesa who later became president of Poland
  6. The Cold War ended when which president allowed free elections in Russia?
    The communists were driven from power in Eastern Europe
  7. The Vietcong were what sort of fighting force?
    They did not wear uniforms
  8. Over 100 innocent people were massacred in which Vietnamese village?
    An American officer was found guilty of war crimes
  9. The USA used which huge bomber planes in Vietnam?
    It was a B-52 bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb
  10. Which of the following is the name of a chemical weapon used by the USA during the Vietnam war?
    It caused damage to the body and destroyed trees

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