The First World War 02
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The First World War 02

This KS3 History quiz will challenge you on the First World War. World War One, also known as the First World War, Great War or War of Wars, was fought between 1914 and 1918. It claimed ten million lives and forever changed the political map of Europe. The causes were complex and had been building up for many years. Under the terms of a treaty signed in 1892, if one of the Triple Alliance armies was mobilised, then France and Russia would mobilise their armies too. It wasn't long before all the Great Powers (apart from Italy) had gone to war.

Germany had a military plan called the Schlieffen Plan. They planned to invade France via the neutral country of Belgium. When they put this into action, a treaty between Belgium and Great Britain meant that Great Britain declared war on Germany. The German attack was stopped at the River Marne. Both sides dug trenches and the Western Front was established. During the next four years, the exact position of the front changed little until August 1918.

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  1. In 1914, which country was not part of the Triple Entente?
    Belgium had an alliance with Great Britain
  2. A country that does not take sides in a war is .......
    Belgium was a neutral country but that did not matter to the Germans who wanted to go through Belgium into France
  3. Which German plan failed in 1914?
    The plan was to invade and defeat France then send the army east to attack Russia
  4. Germany planned to invade France through where?
    Since Belgium was a neutral country, their border with France was not heavily fortified, unlike the borders with Germany
  5. Who then declared war on Germany because they had a treaty with Belgium?
    The Belgian Army fought strongly and slowed the German advance but could not stop it
  6. Who appeared on a famous Army recruitment poster?
    The poster read 'Your Country Needs You'
  7. Someone who would not fight because they thought war was wrong was a .......
    They had to prove in court that they really did object on moral or religious grounds
  8. Government information to influence public feeling about the war was called what?
    A significant part of any war is the propaganda. Governments will release news items that show they are winning a war and to demoralise the opposition
  9. The Schlieffen Plan failed partly because which country's army was ready quicker than expected?
    They attacked on the Eastern Front before Germany had the time to defeat France, so troops had to be sent away from the invasion force to fight off the Russians
  10. The fighting in Western Europe was along the Western .......
    The opposing forces dug trenches to protect themselves

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