The Norman Conquest 03
It is said that Harold died from an arrow where?

The Norman Conquest 03

This KS3 History quiz takes a further look at the Norman Conquest. At the time that William of Normandy was setting off to invade England, Harold II had headed up north to beat the army of his brother Tostig and his ally, Harald Hardrada. The Norwegian army had defeated the Earls of Northumberland at the Battle of Fulford which had taken place near York.

Harold's army took the Norwegians by surprise at the place now known as Stamford Bridge. There are several slightly different accounts of where it took place and exactly what happened. During the battle, both Tostig and Harald Hardrada were killed, ending the Norwegian invasion.

Following that battle, the English army marched south once again and set up camp close to where William had invaded.

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The Saxon army of Harold established a position on Senlac Hill, close to the present day town of Battle. The English forces were fooled by a French tactic of pretending to run away. Harold's men rushed after, thinking the French were defeated, and were slaughtered by knights on horseback. This left weaknesses in the English defences. After a long fight, King Harold was killed and many of the English army fled, leaving just Harold's housecarls to fight a rearguard action.

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  1. Harold's personal guards were known as what?
    They protected the King and fought alongside him
  2. The Battle of Hastings took place near which present-day town?
    On 14th October 1066
  3. Harold positioned his men at the top of which hill?
    The French had cavalry but the English only had foot soldiers
  4. How did the Normans break the Saxons' defence?
    The Saxons broke ranks to chase after them
  5. It is said that Harold died from an arrow where?
    Some historians do not believe this story
  6. Which town has a famous depiction of the battle?
    Its museum houses the famous Bayeux Tapestry
  7. The Bayeux Tapestry is thought to have been made for William's ?
    His brother Odo was Bishop of Bayeux
  8. When was William crowned as William I of England?
    After the Battle of Hastings, the English declared Edgar Ætheling king but he was never crowned
  9. Where was William crowned?
    He attacked settlements on his way to London
  10. William used which power structure to help him run England?
    He gave his noblemen lands in return for their services to keep the people of England under control

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