The Reign of Elizabeth I 02
Which two countries did Elizabeth fear would ally with Mary?

The Reign of Elizabeth I 02

This KS3 History quiz challenges you further on the reign of Elizabeth I. During the last years of her reign, Elizabeth faced some difficult times. There were several plots against her life as younger courtiers and Catholic sympathisers attempted to seize power. She became more and more anti-Catholic as her reign went on, her middle way had failed and she had many prominent Catholics executed. This was very low-key compared with what was happening over the other side of the English Channel as there were brutal conflicts between the two religions throughout Europe.

Other rulers and key political figures in Europe were surprised at how England developed under Elizabeth. Queens were not generally regarded as being as strong rulers as Kings. She remained single, historians suggest that this was to ensure that the nobles remained loyal and would not rebel in the hope that they could marry her. She had a dark side and had a network of spies to uncover plots and keep her safe. By the end of her reign, the Church of England was safe and there was no chance of a war of religion. When she died, James VI of Scotland inherited the throne peacefully and England had its first overseas colony in America.

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  1. Which wife of Henry VIII was Elizabeth's mother?
    She was the second wife of Henry VIII
  2. At what age did Elizabeth become Queen?
    She died at age 69
  3. Which relative did she succeed to the throne?
    Her sister was Mary I or Mary Tudor who died in 1558
  4. Mary Queen of Scots was what relation to Elizabeth?
    Mary was Catholic which made her a worrying threat
  5. Through whom did Mary believe she had a claim to the English throne?
    Mary's grandfather had been Henry's brother-in-law
  6. Which two countries did Elizabeth fear would ally with Mary?
    Both of these countries had Catholic rulers
  7. Which Italian nobleman famously supported Mary?
    He was eventually executed for treason
  8. Who was the chief spy who set a trap for Mary?
    He was Elizabeth's principal secretary
  9. A plot to murder Elizabeth and make Mary queen had what name?
    It was organised in 1586 by Catholics to assassinate Elizabeth and replace her with Mary who was a staunch Catholic
  10. Mary Queen of Scots was executed at which castle?
    In 1587 - accused of treason

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