Energy Transfers 01
When a cyclist brakes thermal (heat) energy is produced by friction.

Energy Transfers 01

This KS3 Science quiz takes a look at energy transfers. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can be transferred from one type to another, it can't be created or destroyed. This is actually quite useful as it means that we can make things happen. An example of this is getting to school by bus. The bus has a tank of fuel (e.g. diesel). This is a store of chemical energy. The engine of the bus transfers the chemical energy into heat energy by burning it. This heat energy is then converted into kinetic energy as the burning fuel causes the pistons to move up and down. The kinetic energy is used to turn the bus wheels. We would say that the MAIN energy change for the bus is chemical energy to kinetic energy because that is the form of energy that we want.

No energy change is one hundred percent efficient. In the case of the bus, some of the heat energy heats up the engine and does not help to move the pistons.

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It is wasted. Some of the heat energy is lost through the exhaust pipe - more is wasted. Still more of the kinetic energy is wasted as heat because of friction between moving parts. In fact, only about a third of the stored chemical energy becomes kinetic energy. The most common wasted energy is heat. This spreads out into the environment and cannot be used anymore.

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  1. Which is the MAIN energy transfer when using a microphone?
    A microphone converts sound into an electrical signal. This can then be saved to a computer file or amplified and sent through a loudspeaker system so that it can be heard further away
  2. Which is the MAIN energy transfer taking place when a gas fire burns?
    The energy stored in gas is chemical, light is also produced but is not the main product
  3. Which is the MAIN energy transfer in a solar cell on a calculator?
    Solar cells can be used on a much larger scale to generate electricity
  4. Which is the MAIN energy transfer in a loudspeaker?
    The electrical signals vibrate a cone in the loudspeaker to produce sound waves
  5. Which is the MAIN energy transfer when you drop a ball?
    The ball has potential (stored) energy due to gravity
  6. Which is the MAIN energy transfer when a wind-up clockwork toy is released?
    The spring unwinds because of the stored elastic potential energy it contains. As the spring does this, its movement can be used to make the toy do things
  7. Which is the MAIN energy transfer when a ball rolls UP a ramp?
    As the ball rolls upwards, it gains potential energy but the movement gradually slows down as the kinetic energy is transferred
  8. Which is the MAIN energy transfer when a light bulb is switched on?
    Heat energy is also produced but that is wasted
  9. Which is the MAIN energy transfer taking place when a candle burns?
    Thermal (heat) energy is also produced
  10. Which is the MAIN energy transfer when a cyclist brakes to stop?
    The thermal (heat) energy is produced by friction

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