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(Resources for school year 7, year 8 and year 9)

These KS3 science quizzes will help you to know why Herbert Spencer said “Science is organized knowledge” and why Josh Billings said “Science is the literature of truth”.

The quizzes might push you on your way to becoming a great scientist or they might simply help you understand why things around you happen as they do. Either way, we hope that you enjoy your KS3 science revision.

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If you have a passion for science then the Grade 6 Science quizzes over at the US section of our website will give you further practice at this level. The American syllabus is not quite the same as ours but you can never know too much science!

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Title Date Played Previous
Acids and Alkalis 01 Play
Adaptation of Animals and Plants 01 Play
Atoms and Elements 01 Play
Atoms and Elements 02 Play
Atoms and Elements 03 Play
Atoms and Elements 04 Play
Cells 01 Play
Circulatory System 01 Play
Circulatory System 02 Play
Compounds 01 Play
Digestion 01 Play
Digestion 02 Play
Electrical Circuits 01 Play
Electrical Circuits 02 Play
Electromagnets 01 Play
Energy Resources 01 Play
Energy Transfers 01 Play
Energy Types 01 Play
Food 01 Play
Food Chains and Webs 01 Play
Forces 01 Play
Health 01 Play
Health 02 Play
Light 01 Play
Light 02 Play
Magnets 01 Play
Metals and Non-metals 01 Play
Mixtures 01 Play
Moments 01 Play
Plant Organs 01 Play
Pressure 01 Play
Pressure 02 Play
Pressure 03 Play
Reactions of Metals 01 Play
Reactions, Equations and Formulae 01 Play
Reproduction 01 Play
Reproduction 02 Play
Respiration 01 Play
Respiration 02 Play
Skeleton, Joints and Muscles 01 Play
Soil and Rocks 01 Play
Solar System 01 Play
Solar System 02 Play
Solids Liquids and Gases 01 Play
Sound 01 Play
Speed 01 Play
Speed 02 Play
Speed 03 Play
Variation and Classification 01 Play
Variation and Classification 02 Play
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