Mixtures 01
Seawater is a mixture. It is water, salt and other substances mixed together.

Mixtures 01

Test your knowledge of mixtures in this KS3 Science quiz. Alloys are mixtures of metals. Alloying one metal with other metal(s) or non-metal(s) often enhances (improves) its properties. For example, steel is stronger than iron, its primary element. There are many types of steel, one of the most common is mild steel which is an alloy of iron with a small quantity of the non-metal carbon. Another important group of alloys is the stainless steels, which resist corrosion (don't go rusty). These are mainly iron that has been alloyed with the metals chromium and nickel, together with small quantities of other metals and non metals. Many foods are emulsions. An emulsion is a mixture of an oil and water. Adding an emulsifier can make these very stable.

A property of many mixtures is that they can be easily separated into their component parts. One example that is usually done in school is to separate sulfur and iron filings. This is very simple as you can just use a magnet. A mixture of a solid dissolved into a liquid e.g. brine (salty water) can be separated using evaporation whilst mixtures of liquids with different boiling points can be separated using distillation.

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  1. Air is a mixture of different gases. Which list consists of gases present in the air?
    The air is mainly nitrogen
  2. The name given to the liquid which dissolves the solid in a solution is .......
    The solid that has been dissolved is called the solute
  3. The method used to separate coloured dyes in ink is .......
    Chroma comes from the Greek word for colour, khroma
  4. Which of the following is NOT a mixture?
    Methane is a compound
  5. The best description of a mixture is .......
    If substances are chemically joined together they are much more difficult to separate
  6. Alloys are mixtures of metals. Which is NOT an alloy?
    Chromium is an element
  7. A pure substance has a melting point which is always .......
    Any sample of a pure substance will have the same melting point as any other sample of the same substance. One sample of a mixture will often have a different melting point to other samples of the same mixture. If the two samples of a mixture have the same concentrations, then they will have very similar melting points
  8. How would you separate a mixture of iron filings and sulfur?
    Sulfur is non-magnetic
  9. Which of these substances is a mixture?
    Water, salt and other substances mixed
  10. In a solution, the hotter the solvent .......
    There is more energy at higher temperatures

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