Variation and Classification 01
Frogs are amphibians. They breathe through moist skin and lungs, and need water to breed.

Variation and Classification 01

This KS3 Science quiz takes a look at variation and classification. It is quite easy to recognise your different friends at school. They look different, they sound different and they behave differently. Even 'identical' twins are not perfectly identical. These differences are called variation and occur in all animal or plant species. Some of these variations are caused by genetics and others are environmental. Variations that are caused by the genetics of an individual can be passed on during reproduction.

Variation can also be described as being continuous or discontinuous. An example of a variation that is continuous would be height. The height of an adult can be any value within the normal height range of our species. Someone could be 167.1 cm tall, someone else 163.25 cm tall and so on. Discontinuous variables are those with only certain definite values, for example tongue rolling. Some people can curl their tongue edges upwards but others can't. No one can partly roll their tongue, it is either one thing or the other.

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  1. Animals with a backbone are called what?
    Humans are therefore a vertebrate animal
  2. Which one of the following shows continuous variation?
    The tallest recorded person was 272 cm tall and the shortest 56 cm tall
  3. Which one of the following is an environmental variation?
    Environmental variation is not dependent on genes
  4. Which of the following groups is warm blooded?
    Mammals and birds are the only warm blooded groups of animals
  5. Which is the odd one out?
    Lizards are reptiles, the others are all amphibians
  6. Which one of the following shows discontinuous variation?
    This is controlled only by genes
  7. Which of the following groups breathe through moist skin and lungs, and need water to breed?
    Frogs are amphibians
  8. Which one of the following is an inherited variation?
    Inherited variation depends on genes
  9. Which of the following animals have a backbone?
    All the others are invertebrates and their bodies are supported (and protected) by an exo-skeleton (external skeleton)
  10. Which group do Seals belong to?
    Mammals give birth to live young and suckle their young

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