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An Unfair System?

We don't think that it's right that many bright children don't get a chance to go to grammar school simply because their parents can't afford expensive tuition!

The Education Quizzes solution is a course that is absolutely free of charge.

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11 Plus Statistics

Let's look at a few, rather frightening statistics:

  • Only 4% of secondary schools are grammar schools
  • Only 4% of children get a chance to go to grammar school
  • Grammar schools consistently out-perform other secondary schools
  • Almost all grammar schools use the 11 Plus as an entrance exam

If you have set your heart on going to a grammar school then you will need to tackle the 11 Plus head on. You'll almost certainly find that your primary school doesn't teach specifically for the 11 Plus because there will probably be many children in the class not taking it. Frankly that's where the selective education system goes off the rails..

Private Tuition

If you can afford many hundreds or even thousands of pounds for private tuition or expensive online courses then your child will have greatly enhanced chances of getting a grammar school place. But what if you can't afford that? Let's look at a few more statistics:

  • A tiny proportion of primary schools teach specifically for the 11 Plus
  • Private tutors cost upwards of £35 per hour
  • Good online courses cost at least several hundred £'s

11 Plus Format

The actual 11-Plus exams vary from one area to another but the questions asked will rely upon these 4 main disciplines:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non Verbal Reasoning
  • English
  • Math

Our Daily Questions

Every day, we release a short video that features a single question in one of the above subjects for you to tackle with your child.

The videos themselves will always be less than one minute long but you can always pause them if you need more time to ponder the question, the answer or the helpful tips we will give to aid understanding.

Your child then has a full day for that learning to sink in before the next question comes along. We find it is much more effective for children of 9 or 10 years old to tackle 11 Plus questions in tiny bitesize chunks sooner than doing long swatting sessions:

  • After 8 days your child will have experienced 8 bitesize questions
  • After a month your child will have experienced around 30 questions
  • After a year he or she will have understood more than 300 questions

All it costs is a minute or two of your time each day and then your girl or boy will be feeling much more confident about the 11 Plus exam.

Follow us on Facebook or YouTube to get your daily question and if you want to do some super-fast revision in the month or two before the exam then join us on for just £9.99 a month. At Education Quizzes you will find literally thousands of quizzes to help children succeed at all levels of their school life.

A Taster of the Videos Available!

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