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Bitesize Revision with Education Quizzes

BBC Bitesize

Bitesize is a study resource provided free of charge by the BBC. It offers online learning for all the National Curriculum subjects. Bitesize is universally acknowledged as the foremost source of home study for children aged 5 to 16.

The BBC devote an annual budget of several million pounds to the development of Bitesize. No other country enjoys such an abundance of free home learning so here at Education Quizzes we encourage all children in the UK to use the service to the fullest extent.

Education Quizzes

The contribution we make to children’s education lies in the realm of fast revision. Our teacher-written quizzes provide a reliable way for children to quickly remind themselves of the key facts learned either in the classroom or on Bitesize. For children who enjoy quizzes, we complement the BBC perfectly.

How We Can Help

The structure of the Education Quizzes website follows the same pattern as BBC Bitesize – Curriculum > Subject > Topic. With just a couple of clicks you can locate a suite of quizzes that enables you to test your knowledge on the subject of your choice.

If a question is answered incorrectly then our ‘helpful comment’ serves as a reminder for getting it right next time. If you decide that you need more help with the subject then the link at the bottom of most quizzes will take you to the relevant section on Bitesize.

Trust us, the more quizzes you play the more you’ll remember when it comes to those all-important exams. For a scientific explanation of the benefits of quizzes, why not take a look at our Active Recall article.

Remember quizzes are fun and education that is enjoyable invariably leads to success.

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