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British Bird Photography

250 different birds feature in our British Birds quizzes and they are shown, alphabetically ordered, below.

Against each bird is the name of the photographer who took the picture and they all have our sincere thanks.

Each bird is a clickable link to the quiz in which it appears. The column headed “Question” refers to the question number within the quiz where the bird appears.

An alphabetical list of the 157 photographers who generously donated their work can be found at Bird Photographers

Bird Name Photographer Question
Arctic Skua Per Harald Olsen at Wikipedia 1
Arctic Tern Toivo Toivanen & Tiina Toppila 7
Atlantic Puffin Andreas Trepte 9
Avocet Andreas Trepte 2
Balearic Shearwater Muchazo at Flikr 10
Barn Owl Peter Trimming at Wikipedia 8
Barn Swallow Malene Thyssen at Wikipedia 6
Barnacle Goose Andrey at Wikipedia 9
Bar-tailed Godwit Andreas Trepte 4
Bean Goose Adrian Pingstone at Wikipedia 5
Bearded Tit Kaeptn Chemnitz 6
Bewick's Swan Maga-Chan at Wikipedia 5
Black Grouse Aconcagua at Wikipedia 9
Black Guillemot Henrik Thorburn at Wikipedia 8
Black Redstart Stefan-Xp at Wikipedia 5
Blackbird Pete Birkinshaw at Flikr 8
Blackcap Jakub Stanco at Wikipedia 9
Black-headed Gull Hans Hillewaert at Wikipedia 9
Black-legged Kittiwake Andreas Trepte 4
Black- necked Grebe Marek Szczepanek 4
Black- tailed Godwit Andreas Trepte 6
Black-throated Diver Carley, Curtis at Wikipedia 2
Blue Tit Maximilian Dorsch at Wikipedia 9
Bohemian Waxwing Randen Pederson at Wikipedia 2
Brambling Marek Szczepanek 8
Brent Goose Andreas Trepte 10
Buff- breasted Sandpiper Tim Lenz at Wikipedia 1
Carrion Crow Benutzer:BS Thurner Hof at Wikipedia 7
Cetti's Warbler Mark S Jobling at Wikipedia 3
Chaffinch Andreas Trepte 3
Cirl Bunting Paco Gomez at Wikipedia 8
Coal Tit Tom Tarrant (Aviceda) at Wikipedia 2
Collared Dove Horia Varlan at Wikipedia 3
Common Buzzard Tom Tarrant (Aviceda) at Wikipedia 3
Common Chiffchaff Hans Hillewaert at Wikipedia 2
Common Crane Steve Garvie at Wikipedia 5
Common Crossbill Elaine R Wilson 4
Common Cuckoo Steve Garvie at Flikr 10
Common Eider Andreas Trepte 3
Common Goldeneye Calibas at Wikipedia 6
Common Greenshank J J Harrison at Wikipedia 4
Common Guillemot M Buschmann at Wikipedia 10
Common Gull US Fish and Wildlife Service 2
Common Kestrel Andreas Trepte 1
Common Kingfisher J M Garg at Wikipedia 7
Common Moorhen J M Garg at Wikipedia 6
Common Pheasant Lukasz Lukasik at Wikipedia 5
Common Pied Oystercatcher Bjorn Christian Torrissen 1
Common Pochard Laitche 5
Common Quail Guerin Nicolas at Wikipedia 6
Common Raven David Hofmann at Wikipedia 9
Common Redshank Andreas Trepte 10
Common Redstart Fveronesi1 at Flikr 10
Common Sandpiper Sergey Yeliseev at Wikipedia 9
Common Scoter Rick Leche at Flikr 1
Common Shelduck Dick Daniels 1
Common Snipe J M Garg at Wikipedia 5
Common Spoonbill Andreas Trepte 7
Common Starling Paul Lomax at Wikipedia 3
Common Swift Pau Artigas at Wikipedia 2
Common Tern Joby Joseph at Wikipedia 3
Common Treecreeper Pawel Kuzniar at Wikipedia 3
Coot R H Walpole at Wikipedia 8
Corn Bunting Matthieu Gauvain at Wikipedia 9
Corn Crake Rachel Davies at Wikipedia 9
Crested Tit Mark Medcalf at Wikipedia 7
Curlew Alan D Wilson 10
Curlew Sandpiper Marek Szczepanek 3
Dartford Warbler J Dietrich at Wikipedia 8
Dunlin Mdf at Wikipedia 4
Dunnock Smalljim at Wikipedia 10
Egyptian Goose Andreas Trepte 3
Eurasian Bullfinch Geli 9
Eurasian Dotterel Dr Helwig Brunner at Wikipedia 7
Eurasian Golden Plover Bjorn Christian Torrissen 1
Eurasian Hobby Tom Tarrant (Aviceda) at Wikipedia 9
Eurasian Jay Luc Viatour 6
Eurasian Linnet Pankratov-p at Wikipedia 5
Eurasian Nuthatch Luc Viatour 10
Eurasian Reed Warbler Martien Brand at Wikipedia 5
Eurasian Siskin Stawek Staszczuk at Wikipedia 10
Eurasian Sparrowhawk Christian Knoch at Wikipedia 9
Eurasian Teal Steve Garvie at Wikipedia 2
Eurasian Tree Sparrow Laitche 6
Eurasian Wigeon Kuribo at Wikipedia 8
Ronald SI at Wikipedia
European Dipper Mark Medcalf at Wikipedia 8
European Goldfinch MPF at Wikipedia 7
European Greenfinch Andreas Trepte 1
European Herring Gull Kurt Kulac at Wikipedia 10
European Honey- buzzard Stephen Daly 6
European Magpie Teemu Lehtinen at Wikipedia 2
European Nightjar Ecologyweb at Flickr 2
European Robin Jimfbleak at Wikipedia 2
European Shag Andreas Trepte 8
European Stonechat Amurfalcon at Wikipedia 6
European Storm-petrel Julio Reis 5
Feral Pigeon Alexander Gamauf at Wikipedia 4
Fieldfare Kosmonaut41 at Wikipedia 7
Gadwall Mdf at Wikipedia 8
Garden Warbler Billyboy at Wikipedia 2
Garganey Dick Daniels 9
Goldcrest CJ Hughson 7
Golden Eagle Martin Mecnarowski 4
Golden Pheasant Philippe Giabbanelli at Wikipedia 4
Goosander Tony Hisgett at Wikipedia 5
Grasshopper Warbler Stefan Hage at Wikipedia 6
Great Bittern Marek Szczepanek 9
Great Black- backed Gull Andreas Trepte 1
Great Cormorant J J Harrison at Wikipedia 7
Great Crested Grebe Andreas Trepte 3
Great Grey Shrike Sergey Yeliseev at Flikr 8
Great Northern Diver Loon at Wikipedia 7
Great Shearwater Dan Irizarry at Flikr 4
Great Skua Erik Christensen at Wikipedia 6
Great Spotted Woodpecker Steffen Hannert at Wikipedia 4
Great Tit Barney Livingston at Wikipedia 8
Greater Canada Goose Alan D Wilson 1
Greater Scaup Calibas at Wikipedia 4
Greater White-fronted Goose Jerry Segraves at Wikipedia 8
Green Sandpiper J M Garg at Wikipedia 2
Green Woodpecker Andrei Stroe at Wikipedia 3
Grey Heron Bjorn Kreis at Wikipedia 1
Grey Partridge Marek Szczepanek 2
Grey Phalarope Mike Baird at Wikipedia 6
Grey Plover US Fish and Wildlife Service 5
Grey Wagtail Kclama at Wikipedia 5
Greylag Goose Diliff at Wikipedia 6
Hen Harrier Dan Pancamo 7
Hooded Crow Panafotkas at Wikipedia 4
House Martin Omar Runolfsson at Wikipedia 2
House Sparrow Lip Kee at Flickr 2
Jack Snipe Oldbilluk at Flikr 1
Jackdaw Unknown at Wikipedia 8
Lady Amherst's Pheasant Gabriel Kamener at Flickr 7
Lapland Bunting US Fish and Wildlife Service 4
Leach's Storm-petrel US Fish and Wildlife Service 6
Lesser Black-backed Gull Andreas Trepte 6
Lesser Redpoll Lawrie Phipps at Wikipedia 2
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Thermos at Wikipedia 6
Lesser Whitethroat Martin Mecnarowski 5
Little Egret Birdman 1 at Wikipedia 4
Little Grebe Benutzer:BS Thurner Hof at Wikipedia 9
Little Gull Unknown at Wikipedia 3
Little Owl Arturo Nikolai at Wikipedia 4
Little Ringed Plover Marek Szczepanek 4
Little Stint Ken Billington at Wikipedia 9
Little Tern Oystercatcher at Flikr 9
Long-tailed Duck Wolfgang Wander at Wikipedia 4
Long-tailed Skua Jerzy Strzelecki at Wikipedia 7
Long-tailed Tit Andreas Trepte 1
Mallard Richard Bartz at Wikipedia 7
Mandarin Duck Roland zh at Wikipedia 3
Manx Shearwater Martin Meyrs at Blog 8
Marsh Sandpiper Jason Girvan at Wikipedia 10
Marsh Tit Stawek Staszczuk at Wikipedia 10
Marsh Warbler Marek Szczepanek 4
Meadow Pipit Myosotis Scorpioides at Wikipedia 3
Mealy Redpoll Simon Pierre Barrette at Wikipedia 8
Mediterranean Gull Martin Olsson at Wikipedia 5
Merlin Raj Boora at Wikipedia 6
Mistle Thrush Neil Phillips at Wikipedia 3
Montagu's Harrier Stephen Daly 1
Mute Swan Sanchezn at Wikipedia 10
Nightingale J Dietrich at Wikipedia 9
Northern Fulmar Andreas Trepte 1
Northern Gannet Alan D Wilson 6
Northern Goshawk Norbert Kenntner at Wikipedia 10
Northern Lapwing Andreas Trepte 10
Northern Pintail tgreyfox at Wikipedia 7
Northern Shoveler Dan Pancamo 10
Northern Wheatear Tom Tarrant (Aviceda) at Wikipedia 4
Osprey Terry Ross at Wikipedia 6
Pectoral Sandpiper Andreas Trepte 8
Peregrine Falcon US Fish and Wildlife Service 3
Pied Flycatcher Mark Medcalf at Flikr 9
Pied Wagtail Andreas Trepte 8
Pink-footed Goose MPF at Wikipedia 2
Pomarine Skua Patrick Coin at Wikipedia 4
Ptarmigan Jan Frode Haugseth at Wikipedia 8
Purple Sandpiper Andreas Trepte 5
Razorbill Jessica at Wikipedia 3
Red Grouse Lostajy at Flikr 3
Red Kite Thomas Kraft at Wikipedia 8
Red Knot US Fish and Wildlife Service 9
Red-billed Chough Malte Uhl at Wikipedia 1
Red-breasted Goose Adrian Pingstone at Wikipedia 7
Red-breasted Merganser Peter Massas at Wikipedia 2
Red-legged Partridge Arturo Nikolai at Wikipedia 1
Red-necked Grebe Unknown at Wikipedia2
Red-necked Phalarope US Fish and Wildlife Service 2
Red-throated Diver David Karna at Wikipedia 3
Redwing Andreas Trepte 1
Reed Bunting Emberiza Schoeniclus at Wikipedia 7
Ring Ouzel Andreas Trepte 4
Ringed Plover Myosotis Scorpioides at Wikipedia 2
Ring-necked Parakeet J M Garg at Wikipedia 8
Rock Pipit MPF at Wikipedia 7
Rook Brian Snelson at Wikipedia 5
Rough-legged Buzzard Walter Siegmund at Wikipedia 8
Ruddy Duck Chris huh at Wikipedia 9
Ruddy Shelduck Adrian Pingstone at Wikipedia 10
Ruff Arjan Haverkamp at Wikipedia 1
Sand Martin Ejdzej at Wikipedia 1
Sanderling Mdf at Wikipedia 7
Sandwich Tern Peter Wallack 2
Scottish Crossbill Stuant63 at Flikr 6
Sedge Warbler Gabriel Buissart at Wikipedia 7
Shore Lark Andreas Trepte 2
Short- eared Owl Steve Garvie at Wikipedia 10
Skylark Daniel Pettersson at Wikipedia 9
Slavonian Grebe Unknown at Wikipedia 1
Smew Thermos at Wikipedia 8
Snow Bunting US Fish and Wildlife Service 5
Snow Goose Walter Siegmund at Wikipedia 4
Snowy Owl

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