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Comparisums 1

Juno Spacecraft Juno Spacecraft Speed  (16 October 2023 a.m.)
The fastest man-made object ever is the Juno Spacecraft which can travel at 165,000 mph. At that rate it would take approximately 23 days to reach the sun, and 17,500 years to reach Proxima Centauri our second closest star
Validation:   Cool Cosmos
Adjectives 01 Avocado Calorie Count  (17 October 2023 a.m.)
Avocados have a calorie count between 320 and 360 calories per fruit, while radishes contain about 1 calorie per radish.
Validation:   The Kitchen Community    Fat Secret    Foodstruct
Adjectives 01 Popular Book Series  (18 October 2023 a.m.)
The 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' book series has sold over 250 million copies whereas the 'Harry Potter Book' book series has sold over 600 million copies.
Validation:   Wikipedia

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