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Comparisums - November 2023

About Comparisums...

Dive into the world of "Comparisums" this November – your daily dose of captivating and enlightening mathematical comparisons. These Comparisums are not just about numbers; they're a gateway to fun and educational discussions for families. They aim to instill a passion for mathematics and open a world of interactive learning between parents and children.

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Map View Of The Capsian Sea Bodies of Water   (30 November 2023   PM)
The largest inland body of water in the world is the Caspian Sea with an area of 143,200 square miles (bigger than the whole of the UK) while the largest inland body of water in England is Lake Windermere which is less than 6 square miles
Validation:   Nasa   Wikipedia   
Mountains In The Distance Mountain Heights   (29 November 2023   PM)
Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK and is 1,345 metres tall while Mount Everest is over 6 times higher at 8,849 meters.   
Validation:   Nevis Landscape   National Geographic   
Small Piles Of Precious Metals In Raw Form Metal Costs   (28 November 2023   AM)
Silver is valued at approximately £19 per ounce, platinum at £763 per ounce, and gold at £1,618 per ounce. However, rhodium, which is used in car catalytic converters, costs more than twice as much as gold.
Validation:   Royal Mint   Metals Daily   
Baby Elephant Gestation Period   (27 November 2023   p.m)
The gestation period of an elephant, which is nearly two years, is 36 times longer than the gestation period of a mouse, which is about 20 days.
Validation:   BBC Earth      
Chips In A Bowl Potatoes and Crisps   (27 November 2023   a.m)
If you are buying potatoes at the farm gate, you can expect to pay £10.00 per 25 kilo bag but if that bag of potatoes were turned into 1,000 bags of crisps (25 grams each) they would cost you £300.00 
Validation:   Trolley      
Man Standing In The Rain Average Annual Rainfall   (26 November 2023   p.m)
A very wet year in the UK results in approximately 140cm of precipitation, including rain, hail, and snow. However, the residents of Mawsynram in India experience an average precipitation that is more than 8 times this amount.
Validation:   World Bank Group      
Speaking With Sound Waves Sound   (26 November 2023   a.m)
Whispering from 5 feet away produces a decibel level of about 20 decibels, but an atomic bomb exploding in space would be even quieter, as sound cannot travel through a vacuum.
Validation:   Audicus      
Mercury In Syringe Mercury   (25 November 2023   p.m)
A kilogram of mercury weighs exactly the same as a kilogram of water, but a pint of mercury weighs over 13 times as much as a pint of water.
Validation:   Institute Of Physics      
Apollo Moon Landing Moon Landing   (25 November 2023   a.m)
A modern smartphone possesses over 1 million times more computing power than the computer used to facilitate the first manned moon landing in 1969.
Validation:   Pacific Standard      
White Flowering Bonsai Bonsai   (24 November 2023   p.m)
The most expensive bonsai tree ever sold was a pine tree that fetched just over £1 million in Japan in 2011. While you can grow a pine tree from a seed collected in a forest without incurring any cost, you might have to wait 1,000 years before it reaches its peak and becomes ready for sale.
Validation:   BONSAI Empire      
Little Chick Chicken   (24 November 2023   a.m)
There are over twice as many chickens in the UK as there are people. 
Validation:   DEFRA      
Lightning Strike Electricity Usage   (23 November 2023   p.m)
A kettle consumes the same amount of electricity in a minute as an energy saving lightbulb consumes in two and a half hours. 
Validation:   Comsumer Council      
Scout Girlguiding and Scouts   (23 Novenber 2023   a.m)
One in every 15 children in the UK are actively engaged in either Girlguiding or Scouts. 
Validation:   Statista   Girl Guiding   
Green Snake Snake Size   (22 November 2023   p.m)
The smallest snake in the world is the Barbados threadsnake that measures only 4 inches long while the largest snake ever recorded was a 32 foot long reticulated python – the same length as 5 tall men laying on the ground head to toe 
Validation:   USA Today      
Two Docked Ocean Liners Fuel use in ocean liners   (22 November 2023   a.m)
The average diesel car travels 43 miles on a gallon of fuel while a large ocean liner travels 30 feet on a gallon. 
Validation:   Nimble Fins   Wind Star Cruises   
Australian Flag Country Sizes   (21 November 2023   p.m)
Australia is 31 times bigger than the UK and the USA is 42 times bigger than the UK. 
Validation:   World Data   World Data   
Sun Framed By Two Hands Weight of Earth and Sun   (21 November 2023   a.m )
The Sun is approximately 333,000 times heavier than the Earth. 
Glass Of Whiskey Whisky   (20 November 2023   p.m)
Sotherby's auction in London have just sold the most expensive bottle of whisky ever for £2,187,500. For the same price you can buy 109,000 bottles of Johnny Walker Red Label -and have it delivered free!
Validation:   The Guardian   Master Of Malt   
Child Sick In Bed Common Cold   (20 November 2023   a.m )
Following the discovery of the Covid-19 virus it took less than a year to develop a vaccine but we have known about the common cold virus (Rhinovirus) for nearly 70 years without being able to develop a vaccine. 
Validation:   National Library Of Medicine   Medical News Today   
Perfume Bottle With Plant Perfume   (19 November 2023   p.m)
A fine perfume that sells for £120 a bottle contains ingredients that cost the manufacturer around £1.20. 
Validation:   Los Angeles Times      
Artist Simulation Of The Sun Sun Size   (19 November 2023   a.m )
The Sun is so huge that it could hold 1 million Earths 
Crocodile With Jaws Open Crocodile   (18 November 2023   p.m)
A crocodile can exert incredible force (5,000 pounds per square inch) when sinking its teeth into prey. Suprisingly, the muscles responsible for opening its mouth are so weak that the jaws can be held together with a strong rubber band.  If you find yourself holding a croc's jaw shut, exercise extreme caution when releasing them. 
Validation:   Herald Net      
Woman Speaking Through Megaphone Sound Wave   (18 November 2023   a.m )
It would take about 31 minutes for sound to travel between London and Edinburgh but light would cover the same distance in point zero, zero two seconds. Light travels over 800,000 times faster than sound. 
Validation:   Wikipedia   Wikipedia   
Crowd Of People With Woman One Someone's Shoulders. Population 1800   (17 November 2023   p.m)
There are now eight times more people in the world than there were in 1800 – one billion then and 8 billion now.
Validation:   Wikipedia      
Old Rotary Dial Telephone Telephone   (17 November 2023   a.m )
The world has had telephones for 147 years (invented in 1876), iPhones for 16 years and Pixel phones for 7 years 
Validation:   Library of Congress   Verizon   
Dice Stacked Spelling Out Inflation Inflation   (16 November 2023   p.m)
In November 2015 inflation in the UK was almost zero.  In November 2022 it peaked at 9.3% and has now fallen to 4.7%. 
Validation:   Macrotrends      
Spoon Of Cocoa With Bits Of Chocolate Chocolate   (16 November 2023   a.m )
Cocoa is the main ingredient of chocolate and prices have soared by 60% this year – from $2,500 a ton in January to $4,000 now.
Validation:   Trading Economics      
German Shepherd Police Dog Sat Next To Police Officer Police Dogs   (15 November 2023   p.m)
In the UK between the years of 2012 to 2018 a total of 1,346 dogs were listed as General Police Dogs, in the same years a total of 251 dogs were enlisted as Detection Dogs including Search and Rescue Dogs, that’s a total of 1,597 Police Dogs.
Validation:   Ministry of Defence Police      
Great Crested Grebe Floating On Water Puteketeke   (15 November 2023   a.m )
The puteketeke has topped the polls in the New Zealand's Bird of the Century polls. It recorded more than 290,000 votes, which was over 22 times more than it's nearest rivel the kiwi.
Validation:   BBC      
Cute Chihuahua With Head Slightly Tilted Chihuahua   (14 November 2023   p.m)
On average a Chihuahua weighs between 3 – 6 pounds, where as a Great Dane can weigh upto 29.1 times more at 140 – 175 pounds.
Validation:   Dog Time      
Blue Whale Swimming In The Deep Ocean Bumblebee Bat   (14 November 2023   a.m )
The Blue Whale is the largest mammal on Earth - weighing in at around 200 tons it is 100 million times heavier than the world’s smallest mammal, the Bumblebee Bat (.071 ounces) 
Validation:   World Wildlife   Mongabay   
Child Studying On Computer Education Quizzes   (13 November 2023   a.m )
An annual subscription to Education Quizzes costs £4.17 per month, considerably less than the average cost of a bottle of wine.
Validation:   The Drink Business      
Artist Simulation Of Earth In Human Hands Coverage   (12 November 2023   p.m)
71% of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans, 9% is covered by forest and 6% is covered by desert.
Validation:   Education - National Geographic   Statista   
Rememberance Poppies And Crosses Lest We Forget   (12 November 2023   a.m )
World War 1 lasted 4 years from July 1914 to November 1918 the fatalities were estimated to be up to 19 million. World War 2 lasted 6 years from September 1939 to September 1945 and the fatalities were estimated just over 4 times more at 85 million.
Validation:   Wikipedia      
Artist Simulation Of Sun, Earth and Moon Sun and Moon   (11 November 2023   p.m)
It takes 1.26 seconds for light to travel between the Moon and the Earth but over 8 minutes for light to travel between the Sun and the Earth. 
Validation:   Pacific Standard   PBS   
Snake Braced To Bite Snake Bite   (11 November 2023   a.m )
No one has died of a snake bite in the UK during the last 50 years but in India there are around 58,000 deaths from snake bite every year 
Validation:   The Argus      
Tank In Desert Tanks   (10 November 2023   p.m)
During World War 1 tanks were new and experimental only several thousand Tanks were used by the Allies however in World War 2 approximately 340,000 tanks were used and by many countries USA, UK, Germany, France, Soviet Union and more.
Validation:   Wikipedia   Wikipedia   
Paint in Many Colours Pablo Picasso   (10 November 2023   a.m )
A Pablo Picaso masterpiece called 'Femme a la montre' was sold on Wednesday for the equivalent of £113 million. The highest price ever paid for a Picasso was 'Femme Nue Couchee' which was sold in 2015 for £145 million.
Validation:   BBC      
Football On Grass Premiere League   (09 November 2023   p.m)
All teams in the Football Premier League have now played 11 games this season. Manchester City topped the leaderboard at 27 points, have got nearly 7 times more points than the bottom of the table Sheffield United who is at 4 points.
Validation:   BBC      
Artist Simulation Of Human Nerves Human Nerves   (09 November 2023   a.m )
The average height of a human is 1.6 metres but the average length of nerves in the human body is 37,500 times this. That means 60km of nereves per body.
Validation:   DK findout      
Peacock Butterfly On Flower Butterflies and Moths   (08 November 2023   a.m)
There are 60 species of Butterfly in the UK. However, did you know that there are 33.3 times more species of Moths in the UK making 2000 species in total.
Validation:   Discover Wildlife      
Two Trees Standing Tall Trees   (07 November 2023   p.m)
For every person on the planet, there are approximately 422 trees. With a global population of 8 billion people, this means there are roughly 3 trillion trees.
Validation:   8BillionTrees      
Violin Lying In It's Case Messiah Violin   (06 November 2023   a.m)
A new violin suitable for beginners costs around £100, while the 300-year-old Messiah Violin by Stradivari is valued at £16 million.
Validation:   Music Room   Violinspiration   
Fireworks Exploding In Night Sky Gunpowder Plot   (05 November 2023   a.m)
The Gunpowder Plot, planned by Guy Fawkes, involved 36 barrels of gunpowder planted underneath the House of Parliament. In total, Guy Fawkes had 1,000 kilograms of gunpowder, which is equivalent to 100,000,000 fireworks today.
Validation:   Military      
Child In Marathon Marathon   (04 November 2023   a.m)
While most people find it very difficult to complete a 26-mile marathon, whether walking or running, in a day, the Great Snipe bird can sometimes travel over 1,400 miles in a single day.
Validation:   National Geographic      
Butterfly And Flower Gardens   (03 November 2023   a.m)
There are an estimated 28.2 million households in the UK, and approximately 87% of these households have a garden, which amounts to roughly 24.5 million gardens.
Validation:   Horticulture      
Puppy And Kitten Sleeping Dogs vs Cats   (02 November 2023   a.m)
There are 12 million Dogs in the UK but only 11 million Cats.
Validation:   UK Pet Food      
Hummingbird Feeding Off Flower Hummingbird   (01 November 2023   a.m)
A hummingbird flaps its wings at around 4,000 wingbeats per minute, while bees flap their wings 2.8 times faster, totaling approximately 11,200 wingbeats per minute.
Validation:   Audobon   STEM Newcastle   

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