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Comparisums - October 2023

About Comparisums...

Every day, we introduce our unique "Comparisums" – engaging comparisons of mathematical figures that are as enlightening as they are intriguing. The Comparisums not only foster a love for numbers but also spark enriching conversations between parents and children.

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Carved Pumpkin Pumpkins   (31 October 2023   a.m)
It is estimated that around 15 million pumpkins will be carved this year. If used for meals, that could make 95 million meals, amounting to just over 6 meals per pumpkin.
Validation:   Olive Magazine      
Caution Sign Warning Of Heat At Death Valley Death Valley   (30 October 2023   p.m)
The coldest temperature ever recorded was in Antarctica at a chilling -89.2 degrees Celsius, while the hottest temperature was recorded in Death Valley, California, USA, at 56.7 degrees Celsius.
Validation:   Wikipedia      
Stack Of Money Annual Pay   (29 October 2023   p.m)
The average annual pay for a large company executive is £3,900,000, which is 120 times more than the average wage for workers in the UK, which is £33,000.
Validation:   UK Indeed      
Team Of People Climbing Mount Everest Tallest Mountain - Deepest Ocean   (28 October 2023   p.m)
Mount Everest is the tallest mountain, measuring at 8,848 meters, while the deepest part of the ocean is the Challenger Deep, at over 10,994 meters deep.
Validation:   Wikipedia      
Wood Pigeon Perched On A Branch Bird Relative Sizes   (27 October 2023   p.m)
A wood pigeon weighs around 40 times more than a blue tit, and the pigeon probably eats 40 times more food from your bird table.
Validation:   British Trust for Ornithology      
Big Ben Against A Grey Sky Tallest Buildings   (26 October 2023   p.m)
Big Ben in London is 96 meters tall, but did you know that the Empire State Building is just over 4 times taller than Big Ben, with a height of 443.2 meters including the antenna.
Validation:   Size Explorer      
Fighter Jet In Flight Air Speed Record   (25 October 2023   p.m)
The airspeed record (4,520 miles per hour) is nearly 6 times faster than the land speed record (760 miles per hour).
Validation:   Flyjetify      
Artist Simulation Of The Milky Way Stars in the Milky Way   (24 October 2023   p.m)
There are about 8 billion people on Earth and 100 billion stars in the Milky Way, which equates to around 12 stars for each person.
Validation:   Worldometers   NASA   
American Highway At Night Longest Road Network   (23 October 2023   p.m)
The longest road network in the world is the Pan-American Highway, which is around 19,000 miles long, making it 46 times longer than the A1.
Validation:   Wikipedia   Wikipedia   
Woman Reading Novel With Her Dog Beside Her Average Novel Word Count   (22 October 2023   p.m)
The average novel contains approximately 70,000 to 100,000 words. The longest novel, 'In Search of Lost Time,' contains over 1.2 million words.
Validation:   TPL:Kids      
Artist Simulation Of Jupiter Jupiter Orbit   (21 October 2023   p.m)
It takes the Earth 365 days to complete its orbit around the Sun. However Jupiter takes nearly 12 times longer to complete it’s orbit, meaning it takes a staggering 4,333 days to go around the sun.
Validation:   Royal Museums - Greenwich   Space Place   
Artist Simulation Of The Earth's Core Earth and Sun Core Temperature   (20 October 2023   p.m)
The inner most part of Earth’s core is estimated to have temperatures up to 7,200 degrees Celsius, whereas the Sun’s core is estimated to have a core temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius.
Validation:   National Geographic      
Peregrine Falcon Landing Fastest Animal   (19 October 2023   p.m)
The fastest land animal is the cheetah, which can run up to 60 miles per hour, but the fastest creature on Earth is the peregrine falcon, capable of reaching speeds of 240 miles per hour.
Validation:   Britannica   Wikipedia   
Child Reading Harry Potter Book Popular Book Series   (18 October 2023   p.m)
The 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' book series has sold over 250 million copies whereas the 'Harry Potter Book' book series has sold over 600 million copies.
Validation:   Wikipedia      
Avocado Against Pink Background Avocado Calorie Count   (17 October 2023   p.m)
Avocados have a calorie count between 320 and 360 calories per fruit, while radishes contain about 1 calorie per radish.
Validation:   The Kitchen Community   Fat Secret   Foodstruct
Artist Simulation Of Juno Spacecraft Juno Spacecraft Speed   (16 October 2023   p.m)
The fastest man-made object ever is the Juno Spacecraft which can travel at 165,000 mph. At that rate it would take approximately 23 days to reach the sun, and 17,500 years to reach Proxima Centauri our second closest star.
Validation:   Cool Cosmos      

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