Further Flooding

Further-FloodingQuestion: How many homes were flooded in the UK during December?

Answer: Around 16,000 – Said to be the wettest December in a century.

During what is said to be the wettest December in a century, around 16,000 homes have been flooded due to the amount of rainfall and storms during the course of the month, according to Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss.

She also went on to say that the flood defences that are in place, had protected a further 20,000 homes from being flood as well. Financial aid was provided in “record time” and there are plans to further improve flood defences, Ms Truss added.

Labour MPs have accused the Conservative ministers of not spending enough on flood defences, calling the defences already in place a “sticking plaster response”.

Timeline of flooding:

  • 5th December – Storm Desmond hits the UK, bringing a month’s worth of rain to parts of Cumbria, leading to the flooding of Carlisle and other towns.
  • 12th December – More heavy rain falls, also bringing the river levels high and 70 flood warnings are issued.
  • 22nd December – Areas of Cumbria flooded yet again. For some places, it is the third time they had been flooded.
  • 25th December – More than 100 flood alerts across England and Wales as another storm closes in.
  • 26th December – Homes in West Yorkshire and Lancashire are evacuated, as flooding hits Leeds, Greater Manchester and York.
  • 27th December – Police in York advise hundreds of people to evacuate their homes amid 24 additional flood warnings.
  • 30th December – Storm Frank hits, with Scotland and northern England now being hit with fresh flooding.
  • 4th January – Heavy rain in Scotland causes yet more flooding. Residents are evacuated and roads begin to collapse.

Elizabeth Truss has also said that repairs, such as ones needed on the Tadcaster Bridge in North Yorkshire, are a “national priority”. The Tadcaster Bridge, which collapsed recently, has split the town into two. Estimated costs of repairing the bridge is said to be around £3m alone.

Do you think the government should do more to help those who have been hit with flooding? Do you perhaps feel the defences that were in place, were inadequate?

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