Out With The Old

Out-With-The-OldQuestion: The website “Friends Reunited” has announced it will soon close after being live for how many years?

Answer: 15 – Friends Reunited launched in the year 2000 and was one of the UK’s first social networks.

One of the oldest social networks on the internet has stated that it is closing down. On Monday, one of the site’s founders Steve Pankhurst sent an email explaining that “the world is now a very different place” and that the website he had worked so hard to create would no longer be able to compete with the giants in the field such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

According to Pankhurst, the website still has a “handful” of users, however the continuation of the website would not be viable because “the site is no longer really used for the purpose it was built for”.

The website has kindly notified its users that they will be live for one more month, to give all of their user’s time to download any photographs that they might have stored on the website.

I find the shift in social network interest really fascinating and I am personally really intrigued to find out what will come next after Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

I remember when I was introduced to my first social networking site and It didn’t take long before I was hooked. Night after night, I used to spend hours of my time on a website called “Bebo” talking to my school friends and sharing experiences online. I seemed obsessed.

Then one day out of the blue, all of my school friends heard about a new website and decided that they were going to delete their accounts with MySpace and Bebo and register an account with this “new” social networking website that everyone was going crazy about. Can you guess what website it was? That’s right, Facebook.

I still had a lot of love for the Bebo, however the website was so quiet and boring! Without all of my friends online, the experience seemed so pointless. So obviously… I moved over to Facebook just like everybody else!

This just goes to show how easily; social network websites can be replaced and forgotten!

Rest in peace Friends Reunited.

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