Bad Apple

Bad-AppleQuestion: What has technology giant Apple, recently included in their latest software update?

Answer: Disabling devices – If the company detects a device is being repaired by a third-party, they will render the device completely useless.

Recently Apple, the company that brings you the much loved iPhone’s, have begun monitoring devices that are being repaired. In their most recent software update, they started to deactivate any iPhone 6 that has been repaired by a non-Apple engineer.

The problem known as “error 53”, has appeared on Apple products before and has caused problems for customers.

Apple confirmed the reports by many customers who said that have been experiencing this problem and said that error 53 is a “security measure”, taken to prevent fraudulent transactions.

The company released a statement saying:

“We take customer security very seriously and error 53 is the result of security checks designed to protect our customers. iOS checks that the Touch ID sensor in your iPhone or iPad correctly matches your device’s other components. If iOS finds a mismatch, the check fails and Touch ID, including for Apple Pay use, is disabled. This security measure is necessary to protect your device. If a customer encounters error 53, we encourage them to contact Apple Support.”

The reports came to light after The Guardian newspaper published experiences that freelance photographer, Antonio Olmos was having himself, after he had upgraded the software on his own device.

The newspaper said “When Olmos, who says he has spent thousands of pounds on Apple products over the years, took it to an Apple store in London, staff told him there was nothing they could do, and that his phone was now junk.”

I have an iPhone myself, luckily not an iPhone 6, so fingers crossed I won’t experience “error 53” any time soon. But in my opinion, Apple putting this piece of software in place isn’t very user friendly and will most definitely put a lot of people off getting an iPhone should they keep it. I also feel it’s a little harsh on independent phone shops that do repairs for customers – they’ll no doubt lose money because of this. Also, what if you don’t have an Apple store nearby that can do a quick repair? You’d have to send it off for repair and wait days or even weeks to get it back. Some cases you may have to get an entirely new phone.

So what do you think? Do you feel Apple is justified in this new piece of software or do you think they should drop it and go back to the way it was before? Let us know.

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