School-Test-July-BlogSATS tests for KS2 pupils are quite important. They give secondary schools an idea of how well children are doing in various subjects and are a valuable tool when it comes to streaming pupils into the correct set. Today, July 4th, the results are published.

Yesterday, Russell Hobby, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said that we should take the results with a pinch of salt as the standards have become higher. Last year only 53% of pupils passed their English, maths and science SATS, down from 80% in 2015. So how tough are the SATS questions? Here are a selection – let’s see if we are as clever as an 11-year-old is expected to be!

Maths – Arithmetic.

Question 1: What is 725 divided by 29?

Question 2: 89,994 + 7,643 = ?

Maths – Reasoning.

Question 3: If 6 pencils cost £1.68 and 3 pencils and a rubber cost £1.09 how much does 1 rubber cost?

Question 4: Jacob cuts 4m of ribbon into 3 pieces. The first piece is 1.28 metres the second is 1.65 metres. Work out the length of the third piece of ribbon.

English – Reading.

Question 5: Which word most closely matches the meaning of the word rival? Equal, Neighbouring, Important or Competing?

Question 6: They crossed the glassy surface of the lake.’ Give two impressions this sentence gives you of the water.

English – Grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Question 7: Match the word with the suffix: Manage, Harm, Self – ish, able, ful

Question 8: Circle the object in the following sentence. My friend bought a cake from the bakery.’


Question 9: At what temperature does water boil? 0° Celsius, 10° Celsius, 100° Celsius or 1,000° Celsius?

Question 10: Label the following substances as solid, liquid or gas – Air, Water, Gravel.

That’s it – test over, put your pens down!

How did you do? Did you find it easy or hard? To make SATS easier for your children we have loads of quizzes for KS2 and 11-Plus. And, if you want to know more about what’s taught in primary schools, take a look at the EQ Knowledge Bank. It’s a collection of articles which aim to inform parents about all aspects of schooling. We also have advice and tips which will help you to raise happy and safe children.

Oh, if you want to check how well you did in our SATS questions then here are the answers:

Question 1: 25

Question 2: 97,637

Question 3: 25p

Question 4: 1.07 metres

Question 5: Competing

Question 6: Smooth, Calm, Reflective, Shiny (or other synonyms)

Question 7: Manageable, Harmful, Selfish

Question 8: Cake

Question 9: 100⁰ Celsius

Question 10: Air is a gas, Water is a liquid, Gravel is a solid

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