Creepy Crawly A to Z

Looking-for-insects-Aug-17-BlogTo pass the time my other half and I like to play the Alphabet Game. It’s very simple – you just choose a subject then each player in turn must come up with something related to the theme beginning with A and then the next letter of the alphabet in turn.

Last night I chose the topic, Creepy Crawlies, thinking it would be a piece of cake – but it turned out not to be quite so easy! Anyway, inspired by last night’s fun I decided to have a go at writing a poem based on an alphabetical list of creepy crawlies. Here it is – enjoy!

A is for ant, the hardworking guy,

B is for butterfly, fluttering by.

C is for caterpillar, hungry and fat,

D is for dragonfly – fancy that!

E is for earwig, a frightful sight,

F is for fleas that nip and bite.

G is for grasshoppers having a jump,

H is for horseflies in a clump.

I is for insect (I’m cheating a bit),

Japanese beetles think and sit.

Keyhole wasps (I Googled that),

Lice in the hair beneath your cap.

M is for millipedes marching past,

N for the nymphs that grow up at last.

Praying-Mantis-Aug-17Owl flies – I wonder if they hoot?

Praying mantises hunt but don’t shoot.

Q is for queen bees and their motherhood,

R for the robber flies up to no good.

S is for silkworms who make us fine clothes,

T is for termites and their towering homes.

U is for underwing (is it real?)

Vine borer moths are enjoying a meal.

Wasps can hurt us with their painful sting,

Xylodromus – there is such a thing.

Yellow spiders – are there any I’ve missed?

Zebra caterpillars round off my list.

Why don’t you have a go at playing the game yourself? It doesn’t have to be as hard a category as this one – you might pick birds, mammals, plants… the choice is endless! Have a look at some of the articles here in Nature Matters for inspiration!

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