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Leading Streak Today
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Learning and revising should never be a chore. When you are subscribed and logged in, here is what awaits:

  1. You choose the curriculum, subject, and quiz that sparks your curiosity.
  2. You receive immediate feedback on your answers, guiding your learning journey.
  3. After every multiple-choice answer, you are given a helpful comment.
  4. For your reference, our system creates a permanent record of dates and scores of all the quizzes you play.

Exciting New Feature Introduced in March 2024: Video Clips!

When you're subscribed and logged in, get ready for a delightful surprise! After completing a quiz, enjoy a humorous video clip featuring one of our beloved pets. This brief interlude allows your brain to unwind for a few seconds before diving into the next quiz!

April 2024 New Feature - Streak

Starting this month, keep an eye out for our newest feature: Streaks! As you navigate our quizzes, you'll notice two streak indicators at the top of each page. The green streak highlights today's top performer, while the red streak showcases your own performance.

How does it work? Each time you tackle a quiz and achieve 8 or more correct answers, your streak grows, providing insight into your progress compared to today's leading player.

And here's the exciting part! If you hold the longest streak at the end of the day, you'll earn recognition in our esteemed Hall of Fame.

Remember, learning and revising should be an enjoyable experience, not a chore! Join us today and discover the fun of Educational Quizzes.

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