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Helping Others Through Coronavirus

Helping Family and Friends

We understand that in the days and months ahead there will be millions of children getting bored and millions of adults getting frustrated. We want to do our bit to help everyone at this difficult time.

Each subscriber to Education Quizzes can now create 30 (THIRTY) free logins for all their friends and family. As soon as you subscribe and log in, you can go to the ‘Your account’ page which is top right of your screen, find ‘Your children’s logins’ and click on ‘Create a new child account’ for 30 different adults or children. Each person will then be able to play over 3,000 teacher-written quizzes and have their own record of achievement.

Please note that this also applies to our existing subscribers!

We do not ask for the email addresses or any other information about each of your chosen people. It is YOU who manage their accounts.

This gives you the opportunity to give the whole of Education Quizzes to your friends and family members. What better way could you find to help those around you?

Please help us publicise this offer on any social media that you use.

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