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Kings and Queens of England

Most of us think that William the Conqueror was the first king of England. In reality, he was the 21st. There have been 60 English monarchs so far, going all the way back to 829 AD. That's a lot to remember! To help you we've created this fantastic infographic table, telling you the names, houses and dates of reign for all 60 monarchs along with helpful information about their rule.

Name Othernames/Nicknames Claim to Throne Born Died Reign House
By conquestc. 771839829-839Wessex
Only child of Ecgberhtc. 795858839-855Wessex
Second (eldest surviving) son of Aethelwulfc. 831860855-860Wessex
Third son of Aethelwulfc. 836865860-865Wessex
AethelredAethelred of WessexFourth son of Aethelwulfc. 847871865-871Wessex
AlfredAlfred the GreatFifth son of Aethelwulf849899871-899Wessex
EdwardEdward the ElderEldest son of Alfredc. 874924899-924Wessex
Eldest son of Edwardc. 894939924-939Wessex
EdmundEdmund the ElderFourth son (eldest surviving) of Edward921946939-946Wessex
EadredFifth son (eldest surviving) of Edward923955946-955Wessex
EadwigEadwig the All-FairEldest son of Edmundc. 940959955-959Wessex
EdgarEdgar the PeacefulSecond son of Edmundc. 943975959-975Wessex
EdwardEdward the MartyrEldest son of Edgarc. 962978975-978Wessex
AethelredAethelred the UnreadyThird son (eldest surviving) of Edgarc. 9661016978-1013Wessex
SweynSweyn ForkbeardBy conquestc. 96010141013-1014Denmark
AethelredAethelred the UnreadyThird son (eldest surviving) of Edgarc. 96610161014-1016Wessex
EdmundEdmund IronsideThird son (eldest surviving) of Aethelred99010161016-1016Wessex
CnutCnut the GreatEldest son of Sweync. 99510351016-1035Denmark
HaroldHarold HarefootSecond son of Cnutc. 101610401035-1040Denmark
HarthacnutThird son of Cnutc. 101810421040-1042Denmark
EdwardEdward the ConfessorSeventh son of Aethelstan and stepson of Cnutc. 100310661042-1066Wessex
HaroldHarold GodwinsonNamed heir by Edward and elected by the Witenagemotc. 102210661066-1066Godwin
William IWilliam the ConquerorClaim to Thronec. 102810871066-1087Normandy
William IIWilliam RufusClaim to Thronec. 105611001087-1100Normandy
Henry IHenry BeauclercClaim to Thronec. 106811351100-1135Normandy
StephenStephen of BloisClaim to Thronec. 109211541135-1154Blois
Henry IIHenry CurtmantleGrandson of Henry I113311891154-1189Anjou (Plantagenet)
Richard IRichard the LionheartSon of Henry II115711991189-1199Anjou (Plantagenet)
JohnJohn LacklandSon of Henry II116612161199-1216Anjou (Plantagenet)
Henry IIIHenry of WinchesterSon of John120712721216-1272Plantagenet
Edward IEdward LongshanksSon of Henry III123913071272-1307Plantagenet
Edward IIEdward of CaernarfonSon of Edward I128413271307-1327Plantagenet
Edward IIIEdward of WindsorSon of Edward II131213771327-1377Plantagenet
Richard IIRichard of BordeauxGrandson of Edward III136714001377-1399Plantagenet
Henry IVHenry of BolingbrokeGrandson of Edward III136714131399-1413Lancaster
Henry VHenry of MonmouthSon of Henry IV138614221413-1422Lancaster
Henry VIHenry, King of FranceSon of Henry V142114711422-1461Lancaster
Edward IVEdward of YorkGreat-great-grandson of Edward III144214831461-1470York
Henry VI (Restored)Henry, King of FranceSon of Henry V142114711470-1471Lancaster
Edward IV (Restored)Edward of YorkGreat-great-grandson of Edward III144214831471-1483York
Edward V
Son of Edward IV14701483?1483-1483York
Richard IIIRichard of GloucesterGreat-great-grandson of Edward III145214851483-1485York
Henry VIIHenry TudorGreat-great-great-grandson of Edward III145715091485-1509Tudor
Henry VIIIOld CoppernoseSon of Henry VII149115471509-1547Tudor
Edward VIEdward the PiousSon of Henry VIII153715531547-1553Tudor
Mary IBloody MaryDaughter of Henry VIII151615581553-1558Tudor
Elizabeth IThe Virgin QueenDaughter of Henry VIII153316031558-1603Tudor
James IJames VI of ScotlandGreat-great-grandson of Henry VII156616251603-1625Stuart
Charles ICharles the MartyrSon of James I160016491625-1649Stuart
InterregnumCommonwealth of EnglandMonarchy Abolished

1649-1660Monarchy Restored in 1660
Charles IICharles the MerrySon of Charles I163016851660-1685Stuart
James II
Son of Charles I163317011685-1688Stuart
Mary II
Daughter of James II166216941689-1694Stuart
William IIIWilliam of OrangeGrandson of Charles I165017021689-1702Orange-Nassau
Daughter of James II166517141702-1714Stuart
George IGeorge LouisGreat-grandson of James I166017271714-1727Hanover
George IIGeorge AugustusSon of George I168317601727-1760Hanover
George IIIGeorge William FrederickGrandson of George II173818201760-1820Hanover
George IVGeorge Augustus FrederickSon of George III176218301820-1830Hanover
William IVWilliam HenrySon of George III176518371830-1837Hanover
VictoriaEmpress of IndiaGranddaughter of George III181919011837-1901Hanover
Edward VII
Son of Victoria184119101901-1910Saxe-Coburg Gotha
George V
Son of Edward VII186519361910-1936Saxe-Coburg Gotha (Windsor)
Edward VIIIDuke of WindsorSon of George V189419721936-1936Windsor (Saxe-Coburg Gotha)
George VIAlbertSon of George V189519521936-1952Windsor (Saxe-Coburg Gotha)
Elizabeth II
Daughter of George VI1926

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