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Grammar School Exam Providers

Table - Alphabetical list of the towns in the UK that have grammar schools. The list shows the URN for each school and the provider of the 11 Plus exam papers


The table below gives an alphabetical list of the towns in the UK that have grammar schools. The list has a column for individual schools within the towns. For each school, we have shown the school's URN (Unique Reference Number) along with the organization that provides the school with 11 Plus Exam. papers.

By far the most popular organization for supplying test papers is GL Assessment - they provide papers to 130 of the 163 grammar schools.  7 schools use GL Assessment combined with the school's own in-house test.  16 schools rely solely on their own test.  9 schools use FSCE (Future Stories Community Enterprise) and one school uses NFER (National Federation for Educational Research)

Town School Name URN Exam Provider
Alcester Alcester Grammar School 136622 GL Assessment
Alford Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School 136315 GL Assessment
Altrincham Loreto Grammar School 138464 GL Assessment / In House
Amersham Dr Challoner's Grammar School 136419 GL Assessment
Ashford Highworth Grammar School for Girls 136379 GL Assessment
Ashford The Norton Knatchbull School 138019 GL Assessment
Aston King Edward VI Aston School 137043 GL Assessment
Aylesbury Aylesbury Grammar School 136884 GL Assessment
Aylesbury Aylesbury High School 136846 GL Assessment
Aylesbury Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School 136845 GL Assessment
Barkingside Ilford County High School 102850 GL Assessment
Barnet Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School for Boys 136290 In House
Bartley Green King Edward VI Five Ways School 137046 GL Assessment
Beaconsfield Beaconsfield High School 140893 GL Assessment
Bebington Wirral Grammar School for Boys 137476 GL Assessment
Bebington Wirral Grammar School for Girls 137171 GL Assessment
Bexley Beths Grammar School 136334 GL Assessment
Bexleyheath Townley Grammar School 137769 GL Assessment
Birkenhead St Anselm's College 136780 In House
Boston Boston Grammar School 139180 GL Assessment
Boston Boston High School 139140 GL Assessment
Bounemouth Bournemouth School for Girls 136996 GL Assessment
Bourne Bourne Grammar School 137793 GL Assessment
Bournemouth Bournemouth School 137452 GL Assessment
Bowdon Altrincham Grammar School for Boys 136458 GL Assessment
Bowdon Altrincham Grammar School for Girls 137289 GL Assessment
Broadstairs Dane Court Grammar School 136585 GL Assessment
Buckingham Royal Latin School 137344 GL Assessment
Burnham Burnham Grammar School 137564 GL Assessment
Caistor Caistor Grammar School 136350 In House
Canterbury Barton Court Grammar School 137474 GL Assessment
Canterbury Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys 118884 GL Assessment
Canterbury Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls 118840 GL Assessment
Chatham Chatham Grammar School for Girls 137389 GL Assessment
Chatham Fort Pitt Grammar School 136337 GL Assessment
Chatham Holcombe Grammar School 136594 GL Assessment
Cheam Nonsuch High School for Girls 136795 In House
Chelmsford Chelmsford County High School for Girls 136412 FSCE
Chelmsford King Edward VI Grammar School 136642 FSCE
Cheltenham Pate's Grammar School 136353 GL Assessment
Chesham Chesham Grammar School 137091 GL Assessment
Clitheroe Clitheroe Royal Grammar School 136390 GL Assessment
Colchester Colchester County High School for Girls 137515 FSCE
Colchester Colchester Royal Grammar School 137814 FSCE
Colyford Colyton Grammar School 136366 FSCE
Cranbrook Cranbrook School 137739 GL Assessment
Dartford Dartford Grammar School 136359 GL Assessment
Dartford Dartford Grammar School for Girls 144100 GL Assessment
Dover Dover Grammar School for Boys 118931 GL Assessment / In House
Dover Dover Grammar School for Girls 118806 GL Assessment
Edmonton The Latymer School 102055 GL Assessment / In House
Faversham Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School 136570 GL Assessment
Folkestone Folkestone School for Girls 137837 In House
Folkestone Harvey Grammar School 138480 GL Assessment / In House
Gainsborough Queen Elizabeth's High School 120655 GL Assessment
Galmpton Churston Ferrers Grammar School 136388 GL Assessment
Gloucester Denmark Road High School 136666 GL Assessment
Gloucester Ribston Hall High School 136767 GL Assessment
Gloucester Sir Thomas Rich's School 136306 GL Assessment
Gloucester The Crypt School 136578 GL Assessment
Grantham Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School 138638 GL Assessment
Grantham The King's School 137166 GL Assessment
Gravesend Gravesend Grammar School 137099 GL Assessment
Gravesend Mayfield Grammar School 137834 GL Assessment / In House
Hale Barns St. Ambrose College 138134 GL Assessment / In House
Halifax North Halifax Grammar School 136788 GL Assessment
Halifax The Crossley Heath School 139182 GL Assessment
Hampstead Garden Suburb Henrietta Barnett School 138051 GL Assessment
Handsworth Handsworth Grammar School 143562 GL Assessment
Handsworth King Edward VI Handsworth School 137047 GL Assessment
Heckmondwike Heckmondwike Grammar School 136283 GL Assessment
High Wycombe John Hampden Grammar School 136771 GL Assessment
High Wycombe Royal Grammar School 136484 GL Assessment
High Wycombe Wycombe High School 136723 GL Assessment
Horncastle Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School 138665 GL Assessment
Kings Heath King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys 137045 GL Assessment
Kings Heath King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls 137044 GL Assessment
Kingston upon Thames Tiffin Girls' School 136615 In House
Kingston upon Thames Tiffin School 136910 In House
Lancaster Lancaster Girls' Grammar School 136381 GL Assessment
Lancaster Lancaster Royal Grammar School 136742 GL Assessment
Langley Langley Grammar School 136521 GL Assessment
Langley St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School 110084 GL Assessment
Little Chalfont Dr Challoner's High School 137219 GL Assessment
Louth King Edward VI Grammar School 142262 GL Assessment
Maidstone Invicta Grammar School 136582 GL Assessment
Maidstone Maidstone Grammar School 118835 GL Assessment
Maidstone Maidstone Grammar School for Girls 118836 GL Assessment
Maidstone Oakwood Park Grammar School 136727 GL Assessment
Marlow Sir William Borlase's Grammar School 136781 GL Assessment
Newbridge Wolverhampton Girls' High School 140798 GL Assessment
Newport Haberdashers' Adams 137446 GL Assessment
Newport Newport Girls High School 136516 GL Assessment
North Finchley St. Michael's Catholic Grammar School 101361 In House
Orpington Newstead Wood School 136551 GL Assessment
Orpington St Olave's & St Saviour's Grammar School 101676 In House
Penrith Queen Elizabeth Grammar School 136972 GL Assessment
Plymouth Devonport High School for Boys 136496 GL Assessment
Plymouth Devonport High School for Girls 136588 GL Assessment
Plymouth Plymouth High School for Girls 148369 GL Assessment
Poole Parkstone Grammar School 136368 GL Assessment
Poole Poole Grammar School 136850 GL Assessment
Rainham Rainham Mark Grammar School 136864 GL Assessment
Ramsgate Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School 136382 GL Assessment
Reading Kendrick Girls' Grammar School 136448 GL Assesment
Reading Reading School 136449 In House
Ripon Ripon Grammar School 121694 GL Assessment
Rochester Rochester Grammar School 136313 GL Assessment
Rochester Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School 136662 GL Assessment
Rugby Lawrence Sheriff School 141277 GL Assessment
Rugby Rugby High School for Girls 136595 GL Assessment
Sale Sale Grammar School 136498 GL Assessment
Salisbury Bishop Wordsworth's School 136500 GL Assessment
Salisbury South Wilts Grammar School 136391 GL Assessment
Sandwich Sir Roger Manwood's School 136501 GL Assessment
Sidcup Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School 137423 GL Assessment
Sittingbourne Borden Grammar School 137800 GL Assessment
Sittingbourne Highsted Grammar School 136305 GL Assessment / In House
Skegness Skegness Grammar School 138757 GL Assessment
Skipton Ermysted's Grammar School 121716 GL Assessment
Skipton Skipton Girls' High School 136664 GL Assessment
Sleaford Carre's Grammar School 137213 GL Assessment
Sleaford Kesteven and Sleaford High School 137667 GL Assessment
Slough Herschel Grammar School 137726 GL Assessment
Slouth Upton Court Grammar School 136420 GL Assessment
Southend-on-Sea Southend High School for Boys 136443 FSCE
Southend-on-Sea Southend High School for Girls 136444 FSCE
Spalding Spalding Grammar School 139304 GL Assessment
Spalding Spalding High School 120642 GL Assessment
Stoke-on-Tent St. Joseph's College 138221 In House
Stratford-upon-Avon King Edward VI School 137302 GL Assessment
Stratford-upon-Avon Stratford-upon-Avon Grammar School for Girls 137235 GL Assessment
Stretford Stretford Grammar School 106368 GL Assessment
Stroud Marling School 137123 GL Assessment
Stroud Stroud High School 136874 GL Assessment
Sutton Sutton Grammar School for Boys 136787 In House
Sutton Coldfield Bishop Vesey's Grammar School 137988 GL Assessment
Sutton Coldfield Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls 136778 GL Assessment
Tonbridge The Judd School 118843 GL Assessment
Tonbridge Tonbridge Grammar School 136417 GL Assessment
Tonbridge Weald of Kent Grammar School 136455 GL Assessment
Torquay Torquay Boys' Grammar School 136321 GL Assessment
Torquay Torquay Grammar School for Girls 136506 GL Assessment
Tunbridge Wells The Skinners' School 140595 GL Assessment
Tunbridge Wells Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School 118789 GL Assessment
Tunbridge Wells Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys 118790 GL Assessment
Upton Upton Hall School FCJ 137929 NFER 
Urmston Urmston Grammar Academy 136297 GL Assessment
Wallington Wallington County Grammar School 136798 In House
Wallington Wallington High School for Girls 136789 In House
Wallington Wilson's School 136621 In House
Walsall Queen Mary's Grammar School 136773 GL Assessment
Walsall Queen Mary's High School 136777 GL Assessment
Waterfoot Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School 150261 GL Assessment
Wavertree Liverpool Blue Coat School 137916 In House
Welling Bexley Grammar School 136369 GL Assessment
West Kirby Calday Grange Grammar School 139144 GL Assessment
West Kirby West Kirby Grammar School 137243 GL Assessment
Westcliff-on-Sea Westcliff High School for Boys 136272 FSCE
Westcliff-on-Sea Westcliff High School for Girls 136490 FSCE
Wilmington Wilmington Grammar School for Boys 137227 GL Assessment
Wilmington Wilmington Grammar School for Girls 137250 GL Assessment
Woodford Green Woodford County High School 102852 GL Assessment


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